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01-06-04, 04:21
Does anyone hear know where I can find a leather jacket similar to the one Angelina wears in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider? I would love to purchase one but I just can't seem to find it :confused:

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01-06-04, 09:02
Hi Rogue

Which one do you meen, the black jacket from tr1 or the gold one with the tiger on the back from tr2 (I don't think it's leather though...)?

I want to purchase the last one but I cant find it anywhere... :(

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01-06-04, 10:32
hmm my best guess would be ebay.. but i kinda doubt theyd have it. do a search on google and see what you can find.

01-06-04, 13:35
Thanks I'm looking for the one from TR1 but I've checked ebay and other places and it is not there. Even if I can find a jacket close to it I'd be happy. As for the tiger one- I saw that just a month ago for 30 dollars. It wasn't exact but pretty close. I didn't get it though.

01-06-04, 13:52
Have you tried motorcycle supply stores?

01-06-04, 16:26
Where did you see it than Rogue?
Man I really love that golden jacket
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01-06-04, 18:23
Have you checked the titles of the film. They sometimes say more than just 'wardrobe'.