View Full Version : Anyone having problems downloading Yahoo! email via POP3?

tlr online
20-08-08, 13:26
Been down for me for two days now. Can't download Yahoo email using their POP3 service. Anyone else experiencing problems?

tlr online
20-08-08, 13:32
Seems Yahoo UK is having problems (http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/dir/index;_ylt=AgaREKBrdMoSk_AFIVNhIzViOhh.;_ylv=3?sid =396546162). A workaround is changing your POP3 server address from mail.yahoo.co.uk to mail.yahoo.com.

Worked for me.

20-08-08, 17:48
Yes, me, for two days too. So thanks for the workaround. :tmb: