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God Horus
20-08-08, 14:36
Hey everyone, :wve:

This is a really weird glitch I've been having... Yesterday it said that I had one unread visitor message, so I read it and replied to it. After that, it still said that I had one unread message, so I went through all of my messages again. When I go back to the main page, it still says I have one unread. Then today, I get another message from someone. (so it says 2 unread visitor messages) I read the one I got today, and now it says that I still have one unread visitor message.

This is really annoying, is there anything I can do to fix this? Here is a screencap of what it always says http://i517.photobucket.com/albums/u338/JesseCalay/GLITCH.jpg
Just to make sure, I went through all of my messages again and it still says I have one unread!!

20-08-08, 14:51
its a verified glitch that Justin is aware of. I myself have two of them. In my case I wound up with them from keeping my profile open on one tab and the forum on another - I'd respond to messages via the one tab and the other tab would sit there. Basically what happened from doing this is that the code to reset the counter did not get a chance to execute properly as a result of that... and never will most likely. That number is stuck in the database and clearing cache, cookies etc wont help matters. That number follows me around to every new computer i get on.

20-08-08, 17:42
Mine went away after a couple of weeks, so you just have to be patient. :)

20-08-08, 17:56
We expect this glitch to be fixed with the next forum software update :)