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20-08-08, 23:50
should i get it its only twentey dollors and i realy want it and i have a question do they make the Xbox consules anymore and not the games?

20-08-08, 23:52
No new games are coming out for it... but if you want it, why not get it? You can get a lot of great games for it. Game stores and online sites have tons of used Xbox games.

Ward Dragon
20-08-08, 23:52
They stopped making Xbox consoles and games quite awhile ago. Microsoft is focusing on the Xbox 360 now. If an original Xbox is only $20, see if you can exchange it if it doesn't work. If so, then there are a lot of really good Xbox games out there which you can get used and might not work on the 360, so I can definitely see a good reason to buy the original Xbox :)

21-08-08, 00:01
Holy crap that is cheap wish my gc was that much. Oh well it was still cheap. If you want the games that are out for it I would say go for it it's only $20 that isn't that much for a console.

21-08-08, 00:04
I know I'd get it without even thinking about it.:D
Mostly because Dead or Alive,but there are more good games on it like Ninja Gaiden and Halo(:rolleyes::p).:)
And is it true that Madden09 will be released on the original Xbox?:vlol:

21-08-08, 01:12
and they said it will go down the price i only have threartean dollars