View Full Version : MSN bug?

23-08-08, 10:57
Hi all :)

This is a bug I'm having with MSN. It's not hindering performance or anything, it's just irritating. Here's a screenshot.

You can see the title bar that shouldn't be there, also you can see (thanks to the skin I have installed) where the buttons should be.

edit: I'm using Windows Live Messenger 8.5, with MSN Plus! version 4.60.
edit2: It only happens in conversations, the original MSN window is unaffected.

Thanks in advance :)

23-08-08, 17:59
then perhaps the issue is with the skin and not with the program itself. Is the skin intended to be used on that particular version of MSN?

24-08-08, 07:14
Yes, it's 8.5 compatible. Also, the bug happened long before I installed the skin.

24-08-08, 11:12
Try re-installing both WLM and Plus.

24-08-08, 16:53
Try re-installing both WLM and Plus.
Done, and it hasn't worked.

If an ARdiag or Diagnose is needed, let me know and I'll get it for you.

25-08-08, 05:53
Look for the WLM setting to hide the title bar.

25-08-08, 11:32
Look for the WLM setting to hide the title bar.
I've been through the settings for both WLM and MSN Plus, and haven't found a thing that would work.