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23-08-08, 12:05

I just bought TR1 for pc and I cant get it to work on Vista.
I have installed it with the Advanced Installer and then when i try to open the game it opens in DOS still and also when it opens in DOS it says that it has to herminate becuase it cant go fullscreen.

I am using it on a Win98 Virtual PC becuase it will only run on there please help.

23-08-08, 21:45
Follow this procedure:

1. Uninstall TR1, DgVoodoo, VDMSound, etc.
2. Run TRRC (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/trrc.exe) to remove old settings.
3. Reboot your PC.
4. Reinstall VDOS32 (http://www.vdos32.com) (like recommended on the site), Glidos (http://www.glidos.net) (as recommended).
5. Install preconfigured TR1 package for Glide Rendering from VDOS32 site.

6. Run TR1 via Glidos menu, not via Autorun menu.

N.B.: You must have TR1 CD in your actual CD/DVD drive, NOT in virtual CD device.

23-08-08, 23:53
I followed everything you said and then when i started it this happened:
Im Seeing Double of everything that is in windowed mode and it does the same in Full screen

24-08-08, 07:47
Your screen resolution or/and refresh rate is not properly set. Review Glidos settings for TR1 and lower the resolution.

Run Diagnose.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/diagnose.exe) and post the report also.

30-08-08, 06:23
The Glidos sign wont go away when i play the game now it keeps spinning around and it wont stop and it is very distracting

30-08-08, 07:54
The spinning logo will not go away until you pay for Glidos. ( $10 I think. BUT well worth it :D )
If I remember correctly, the spinning logo starts at about the Lost valley level.

Here is the link to the Glidos purchase page

30-08-08, 15:25
^ Yup, all are correct :) You're to blame Vista only for those 10$ extra...