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23-08-08, 13:28
Tell me about this Game Two Worlds, how is it.

Is it an Online Game only.

Is it closely related to Oblivion.

How is the:
Freedom of going anywhere and doing what you want like Stealing and Killing and picking/dropping Items.
Quest Related stuff.

I geuss this Video says it all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JbdIDCjx3g :vlol:

23-08-08, 15:24
It can be played single-player or Online.

It's not Oblivion at all and once you get over that you could possibly enjoy it. The graphics can be nice but for the most part the characters look like they came from a Playstation game, the animations are horrible, the voice acting is cringe-worthy and it's pretty easy. On the brightside it's got a huge map with lots of places to explore and lots of things to do, a lot of freedom in what you do, lots of quests, there's a great weapon-building element where if you have more than one of the same weapon you can combine them to create a stronger version of it and you can also create spells and bombs.

It's average stuff for the most part though.