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23-08-08, 13:36
I just read this, it's from the local news, creeped me out :/

Romance was in the air – even during the month of the Hungry Ghosts.

In a traditional ceremony held at a temple in Nibong Tebal, Chee Yu Quan married Cheah Beng Eng.

Chee died 50 years ago. Cheah succumbed to kidney failure 31 years ago.

The bride's mother Ong Kim Luan, 74, said Cheah expressed her intention to get married during a pass-over ceremony during the Hungry Ghost festival last year.

“We were shocked and doubtful at first. But when we got a telephone call from the temple the following day, telling us that a 'guy' had requested for my daughter’s hand through a medium, we knew the request was for real.”

She said the temple managed to contact Chee’s family and told them of his intention. The two families got together and agreed to arrange the wedding.

As in a real Chinese customary wedding, the deceased, represented by human-featured paper effigies, got married in the traditional way, complete with tea ceremony for the couple and their family members.

Close family members, relatives and friends were at the temple to witness the ceremony.

Read more here (http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/8/23/nation/22152612&sec=nation)

Makes me wonder if ghosts truly exists. Creepy thought.

23-08-08, 13:40
holy crap that's scary :yik: that's freaking unimaginable why would 'the beyonders' ever need to be wed or at least even be bf/gf ? :P

23-08-08, 13:44
I'm Chinese, this is happening in my country, I'm freaked out :p

She was only, what, 5 yrs old when she passed away...Bizarre but their belief in it is so strong.

23-08-08, 13:44
Makes me wonder if ghosts truly exists. Creepy thought.
I believe in them due to my personal experiences. Don't know if believe is the right word now though.. Ah anyway. Creepy indeed.

23-08-08, 13:49

I keep an open mind when it comes to spirits but this is a bit out there for me.

23-08-08, 14:01
If ghosts really have the ability to ask for ritual ceremonies to be performed on their behalf, why is it not more commonplace?

23-08-08, 14:42
So someone is married to a dead person...spooky...

23-08-08, 14:47
Nope rickybazire. Two dead people are married to each other. :wve:

23-08-08, 15:18
Nope rickybazire. Two dead people are married to each other. :wve:

*slaps self for misreading* :D

Now that is just even weirder...

23-08-08, 15:26
*slaps self for misreading* :D

Now that is just even weirder...

Tell me about it :p

My family isn't that traditional to believe stuff like this. Bizarre! :D

Death Mask
23-08-08, 15:36
Ghosts aren't real.... :rolleyes:

23-08-08, 15:46
Ghosts aren't real.... :rolleyes:

Not everyone believes this, though. :wve: And rolling your eyes at somebodies belief is rather rude. I personally, don't believe in Ghosts either. But I'm very open minded about things like that.

Melonie Tomb Raider
23-08-08, 15:49
I believe in spirits, but this is plain weird. :p

23-08-08, 16:03

23-08-08, 17:00
Uh huh 0.o Hey I don't plan on getting married when I'm dead so ehh

23-08-08, 18:03
err kay.
It's just a little strange.
I do believe that ghosts excist though.

23-08-08, 18:25
I wonder if a person's will can also be altered after death if a "medium" says so....

23-08-08, 18:28
Eh... No comment.

23-08-08, 20:06
That's scary, actually. There's a good chance that at least some of the parties involved (both families and the medium) made this up for a reason not mentioned in the article, and obviously neither of the deceased can be reached for comment. I'd certainly not want my name involved in something as dubious as that should I ever die (I plan to avoid it).

23-08-08, 20:16
Well imo ghosts and supernatural things are just totally beyond rubbish it's not true. If you think logicaly about this it's probably someone's lame way to rob some money. (but this is just my opinion).

23-08-08, 20:18
Weird... I've never heard of this before...