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24-08-08, 16:06
well i kinds have two problems left and i can't really figure it out, so i hope you can help me

so the first problem is i have to go from large to small by changing one letter at a time. so here's an example

and etc until you get to small. oh and you can't add an extra letter. there are only 5 letters, so you must use 5 letters.

the second question asks
9 8 1 2 5 6 3 4 7 0
9 is divisible by 1
98 is divisible by 2
981 is divisible by 3
9812 is divisible by 4
98125 is divisible by 5
981256 is not divisible by 6
so anything after 98125 is not correct and i'm suppose to find out what those other numbers are. i think 2 is suppose to be the next number, but i am not sure

anyways, i hope you guys can help me. ^_^.

24-08-08, 16:21
For the 1st problem, does the intermediate words have to be "correct" words? :p

For the 2nd question, we are suppose to find...?

24-08-08, 16:39
For the 1st problem, does the intermediate words have to be "correct" words? :p

For the 2nd question, we are suppose to find...?

yes they have to be real words. lol

well 981256 is not divisible by 6 , so i need to find another number that would make it divisible by 6. 6 3 4 7 0 are incorrect. there are 10 numbers all together , but the last five are incorect and after finding what is divisible by 6, i ahve to find the next number that is divisible by 7, 8, 9, and 10 . i think i just made it more confusing. lol.

24-08-08, 16:53
Do the numbers for the second have to be in a particular order?

24-08-08, 17:03
Only to the second: If I got it right, you want 98125 * 10 + x (you could just write 98125x but that would be unprecise) and this number has to be divided by six, right? Easy. First of all, x has to be an even number, so that the final number can be divided by two. Second, 9 + 8 + 1 + 2 + 5 + x has to be divided by three. 9 + 8 + 1 + 2 + 5 is 25 (watch me use a calculator for this and not be ashamed), so the lowest number that works for you is 2, although 8 would do the job as well. So you're now at 981252 or 981258, and you have to try which one works better for the rest. It's all not very difficult actually.

24-08-08, 17:20
rickybazire: the first 5 numbers are correct and it looks like they kept the same numbers going down, so i assume they have to be in order

cochrane: i think you are right. 2 should be the next number. it didn't sound easy last night, but i sort of get it.

so i assume nobody can figure out the 1st problem? lol

24-08-08, 17:25
Now if you have a quick eye for this, you'll see that when divising by 7, you can forget about the 98, because that is (7x14) ;)

24-08-08, 17:36
The best idea I have for the first one is to draw a tree: First, you start with large, then you add everything that is a word with just one letter changed to that tree, then in the next layer of the tree you add for every word again as many as you can think of and so on until you finally reach the destination. I wouldn't know a precise path, though.