View Full Version : 2 Laptop/Internet Connection Help

Wana b like Lara
24-08-08, 17:09
Hi :wve:

I have 2 Laptops in my room that i want to connect, so i can use the internet on both.

I have a USB Stick internet that isn't a hub! :mad: How can i connect? Bridge Connections? ... Help...

24-08-08, 17:44
what other equipment do you have? (router/modem (does it support USB?)/wifi hotspot etc..)
what kind of different network abilities do the laptops have? (usb port for modem, ethernet ports, wifi cards etc.) - what and how many of each on BOTH laptops please.

hard to advise to connect these without knowing what you have currently.

best connection type though would be to connect like thus:

modem -> router -> each laptop connected via ethernet cable to the router

25-08-08, 05:59
Well... in most limited situation (you have I believe) - 1 laptop has 1 NIC, another has 1 NIC and USB adapter, you can do the following:

1. Interconnect your laptops with Ethernet cable to form a Workgroup.
2. Make your Internet connection shared: Right click it's icon, select Properties, Additional settings tab, Shared Internet connection, tick it and press Settings, choose all services except Telnet and RDM. Press OK.
3. Now you can use this Intenet connection from another laptop.