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24-08-08, 21:23
Good evening, tech monkeys :)

Now this is bizarre, because it only happens in one server I play in, and it doesn't happen to anyone else on that server (or they just haven't noticed).

Basically, I usually get 30 - 50 FPS on any server irrespective of how busy it is, and that's on maxed settings. But on this server, I'm usually stuck at 15 - 20 FPS even if I reduce all settings right down to minimum. On top of that, I get this odd sort of "ticking", like two or three frames get lost every second so the display isn't smooth. Additionally, occasionally when I encounter an enemy in close quarters, my whole game will lock up for a second or two, and when it starts responding again I've been killed.

The server in question is one of three that are hosted on the same machine with the same settings. I can play on two of them without a problem. The only difference between the three servers is the port numbers.

Could the port number be causing me problems like this? Is that possible?

Sir Croft
24-08-08, 23:59
If it happens only in that server, then there's nothing wrong with your PC. :)

25-08-08, 00:35
But nobody else has a problem on that server. :confused:

25-08-08, 00:47
That's a difficult one, maybe your pc has issues with the server software or hardware?

25-08-08, 06:04
Can you post the server settings? What port exactly is the glitching server listening to?

25-08-08, 12:19
The glitchy one is on 28932, the other two are on 28931 and 28930

Here's the settings I can get. Problematic one is in red. :)


25-08-08, 12:32
Try "Max ping 350" for glitching one

25-08-08, 13:07
Ah they reduced that from 350 to 200 last night in response to me, to see if it would make a difference, which it didn't. :(

26-08-08, 05:37
1. Check if port 28932 is used/monitored by some other application?

2. Can you try another port?