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25-08-08, 05:31
Hey there. I've always wanted to make a topic like this before. and now I have the time. but any who, This is about expanding our tomb raider habit. Since Underworld is a few months away, I know I've been craving something. something Tomb Raider. =D. So off we go.

Buy Tomb Raider Movies:

Yes, the movies are a great buy now. Recently I strolled to my local movie store and saw a copy of tomb raider 1&2 disk set for sale. What a steal right? Angie times 2 for your late movie night.:jmp:

I didn't know there was a blueray of the first movie anyway o_o.


Buy Toy Guns:

Lol, yes, I'm serious. But lets get creative. I have a Wii and I have also bought House of the dead. I was also gifted with 2 perfect shots (which are the wii remote gun holders). They work amazingly well and I felt like I was Lara trapped in a zombie situation


I really recommend getting perfect shots for your wii.


Ever cosplay before? Well its really fun and I know you have caught yourself talking and moving like Lara right? I have. well why not create your own pair of kick ass gun holders and a matching backpack? and then possibly move your hobby to a later career in fashion?



The best way to get fit also. But very and I mean very dangerous!!! I'm warning you be careful if you try this stuff out.

Lara is an amazing exploring with skills. people have perfected the amazing sport of creating a path to move around. I'll let the video explain all anyway.


Action Figures:

I loved collecting action figures back in the day so why not collect lara? Recently they have made some pretty well made lara's from tomb raider legend. here's a amazing one right now.


the web site:http://www.tonnerdirect.com/pc-211-70-cant-tell-you.aspx

Comic books:

My comic book store has a whole collection of tomb raider and witch blade comic's and some are pretty well made but you can consider them the fillers of tomb raider. Nice art work and some cool plots.


[B][U]Buy a motorcycle:


Why not join Lara's posse and buy a awesome motorcycle. Or make it a ducati. I have always dreamed of having one and I will eventually. I wish I could get that motorcycle license. <_< :hea:

So anyways, I hoped this has helped out you craving for Tomb raider. :)

Feel free to add more tips. and I'll leave you with Lara dancing.


KC Mraz
25-08-08, 05:48
Movies? http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u252/kcmraz/Emoticonos/OK.png I want to go and buy them since the year began but i don't know why i haven't :confused:

Guns? Okay... let's leave it on "maybe"

Cosplay? http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u252/kcmraz/Emoticonos/X.png No thanks

Parkour? http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u252/kcmraz/Emoticonos/X.png I can't do things like tree climbing, so i'd suck at parkour :o

Figures? http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u252/kcmraz/Emoticonos/X.png If I ever see a decent one, I'll buy it ;)

Comic books? http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u252/kcmraz/Emoticonos/OK.png I'd like to buy the Tomb Raider Compendium (hard cover edition), it's a collection of all the 50 comics into one single big book :cln:. And the best part is it ist too expensive (like 70-100 dolars, but hey, it's 50 comics!)

Motorcycle? I think I need to learn how to drive a car first :vlol:

25-08-08, 05:54
Good list. I've already got three action figures... used to have all of the classic ones, until I lost like three of them, and since I was a kid when I first got them, I actually broke her arm off (the one with the tiger). Silly me.

My next TR item that I want to purchase is definitely a cosplaying costume. Unfortunately I can't sew or design, so I'll just make an actual purchase.

As for comics, I've got 90% of the ones that have been released. Novels are also a good collector's items, the first one was (IMO) enjoyable to read. Haven't read the other two yet. Getting crafty is something people can do to. Creating their own items such as buttons/pins, iron on their own pictures to t-shirts, etc.

I have three air soft pistols. Whenever I use them, I always act like Lara. xD

LOL @ that video. I really wish I had the talent to do stuff like that!

25-08-08, 07:02
I have;
Comic books

Not a motorbike though :P.

25-08-08, 07:05
lolz ill go for all xD