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26-08-08, 12:16
I'm thinking about buying a new computer. So I wonder if this graphics card is good enough: nVidia GF 9800GT?
Bye :)

26-08-08, 12:20
this thread should be moved to tech support forum i think.
but the short answer to your question is yes, 9800GT is good enough to play most game with stunning graphics. AMDATI 4850 is also an alternative. :wve:

26-08-08, 12:29
Welcome to TRF, Tancy :wve:

It will be nice to know what do you want to do with your new PC? What do you expect? And what is your budget (for video board or the whole PC)? :)

26-08-08, 12:40
Moving to Tech. Forum. :wve:

26-08-08, 12:43
Thanks :)
I was wondering if games will be working fine with this card? Or should I buy the better one?

26-08-08, 12:56
Well... starting with:

but the short answer to your question is yes, 9800GT is good enough to play most game with stunning graphics.

or ATI 3xxx series, and anything better that your budget allows :)

26-08-08, 13:23
I was thinking also about ATI Radeon HD4850 or 4870. Do you think this is a better choice?

26-08-08, 17:46
Yup. BUT it would be better if you tell us:

your budget for PC
what software do you want to run on it

Then we can help you to choose a well balanced and reliable configuration (for the whole PC) :)

22-09-08, 19:26
Is Radeon HD 4870 also better than GF 9800 GTX or GTS?

23-09-08, 06:43
As EscondeR said, let us know your budget, and what software you intend to use on it.

However, I can personally recommend a 9800GX2 1gb - it's what I've been running for a few months now and I can max out every game I play!

However, that was just my personal choice; there is a whole range of great cards out there.

23-09-08, 13:19
Admles, 9800GX2 is indeed a good performance card. but it was also very big, hot, noisy and power consuming. therefore its not optimal for everyone. before getting the card i suggest one looks up:

A: if the card physically fits in my chassi
B: if i have good cooling as a hot card can raise the overall temperature in the chassi
C: if i have enough Watts in my power supplying unit to feed the card and every thing else in the chassi

if all those are clear 9800GX2 can be a good choice.

23-09-08, 13:23
It IS big, but I've never noticed it was noisy. I also have my PC in an air-conditioned room, so it never runs hot!

Plus, I bought a big case designed for cooling, and an expensive 800w PSU when I bought it. I only recommended it based on the fact that I have had a great experience with it.

It ain't cheap though.......

23-09-08, 14:03
buying a brand new(ish) high end graphics card is of course going to be a good buy for performance and better support in the long run, but one must look at those physical specs mentioned above as well as the questions asked earlier "what do i want to do with my machine"

if one is not heavy into playing the latest video games, doing lots of work with videos etc.. there is not reason to go all out with the video card. One could get by with a lower end card.

it all depends on what you want to be able to do.