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26-08-08, 14:27
THree years ago I had to say goodbye to my avatar's namesake. Dinah Cat was 18 years old and had kidney failure. She lasted a day past bringing my youngest daughter home from the hospital after being born, and then we had to say goodbye. I still miss you, D! :(

Everysince, we've wanted a new cat, and finally the time was right. My husband and I picked out two, this time! We got them at 8 weeks old and they are now 4 months old. I present to you...

EDDIE (gray tabby with white) and LUCY (black and white)!!! :jmp:

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v50/asanrey/Eddie.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v50/asanrey/Lucy.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v50/asanrey/EdandLulu.jpg

They are brother and sister, and are awesome cats! Eddie is a loudmouth, co-dependent lovebug, and Lucy is more independent yet a big snuggleball (on her terms). Lucy has not learned to fully mew or meow yet.

My daughters (6 and 3) are having a blast! It really feels like the family is complete again! :p

26-08-08, 14:28

"Get down, this is my picture mate!" :D

Cute kittens! :jmp:

26-08-08, 14:31
AWWW, they're so cute :hug: but I like Lucy more because she's black and white

Paul H
26-08-08, 14:42
Such cute cats (not to mention what looks like a nice Fender Strat in the background). I love the bottom picture of both cats together.

26-08-08, 15:06
I love cats.

Give me emm.

26-08-08, 15:11
AWWW they're SO CUTE!

You can tell i'm a cat person b/c someone else started a "puppy' thread and I thought 'eh, hope its house broken' but this thread i'm AWWWWWW lol

26-08-08, 15:13
AWWW they're SO CUTE!

You can tell i'm a cat person b/c someone else started a "puppy' thread and I thought 'eh, hope its house broken' but this thread i'm AWWWWWW lol

That was me.

On topic;

Are they outdoor or indoor?

26-08-08, 15:16
Awwwww they are so cute! So fluffy! Awwww *melts* :D :hug: :tmb:

26-08-08, 15:24
*melts with Rowanlim* Awww! They're so cute! Eventhough I'm more of a dog person, I cannot resist the cuteness of kittahs. :p

26-08-08, 15:30
Oh god I absoloutely LOVE cats. These kittens are mega adorable. :hug: Bless them. :D N'aww. Congrats.

26-08-08, 15:33
so cute. <3

i'd love another kitty, but i can't have one. :(

26-08-08, 16:39
They are sooo cute :D Especially Eddie. Aww I wish i had a cat!

26-08-08, 16:54
Aww, they're the cutest...:D

26-08-08, 16:55
Oh, they're gorgeous! Love 'em!

26-08-08, 16:58
:o They are so gorgeous... *is so very kitten broody right now!*

26-08-08, 17:24
Are they outdoor or indoor?

INDOOR!!! I can't bear the thought of losing a cat to nature! We live near some woods and we've got coyotes and foxes, not to mention hungry hawks!

The thought of ticks and fleas too...SHUDDER!!!! They were both absolutely flea ridden when we got them and i dont want tehm to ever be that uncomfortable again!

26-08-08, 17:26
They're dead cute, I want one!

26-08-08, 17:28
Omg. :yik: Cutenessssss!

26-08-08, 17:39
Kittens, so cute, but i still dont trust them.

You should make some photos for this website: http://icanhascheezburger.com/

26-08-08, 17:45
I knew I should've stayed out of this thread... :o

To me, right now, it's self-torture seeing such adorable creatures and wanting to stroke them when you can't :(

I'd say 'enjoy the little kitties!' if it wasn't for the superfluity of such a statement..

(don't get me wrong, by the way, I'm happy for you! :))

Aww I wish i had a cat!

Me too, Ms. Evelyn, me too... Unfortunately they're not allowed where I live (or maybe they fear this bear will end up eating the kitty)

Alex Fly
26-08-08, 17:47
They are too cute. :)

26-08-08, 17:49
What cuties!
I love their names,
congratulations on your new family members! :D:D