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26-08-08, 15:44
The 64 TB Flash Memory Tower by Texas Memory


At the Siggraph convention in Los Angeles, Texas Memory Systems is showing off a massive rack tower with 64 TB of high-speed flash memory. The rack can perform 800,000 input/output instructions per second and runs on just 2.5 kilowatts of power. Total bandwidth on this beast is 12 GB/s.

The rack’s construction is actually quite simple. Eight RamSan-500 units are stacked in the rack and those do 100,000 IOPS and 1.5 GB/sec each. Each RamSan box has 16 to 64 gigabytes of DDR cache memory to buffer the flash RAM. The flash modules are stored in pop-out “drives” and are in a redundant array. In fact, just before we walked up to the booth, another attendee pulled out one of the drives without warning. The company spokesman said all the data was still safe, but added that it would take approximately 10 – 15 minutes to rebuild the array.

you go girl! That thing would look great in my bedroom :cool:


26-08-08, 16:29
It's my husband's job to break things like this!! :D

(He's a test engineer and works on things like this for all manner of big companies... he tells me all about it, but I have absolutely no idea what he's on about most of the time. At the moment, he's been breaking Solid State Drives and controllers for network storage... all I know is they're worth lots and lots of money! :p)

26-08-08, 16:33
:D true as an engineer I know all that equipment is too fragile and expensive!
installation, commissionning, testing and clean-up takes all of your energy!

26-08-08, 16:34
And just think about it...it a few years, we can make it fit on the palm of our hands.

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Little-Lara true :) after quantum computer era everthing will change their sizes drastically!

And my avatar be back in September :D

27-08-08, 03:27

Somewhere to store porn in adequate amounts!

27-08-08, 03:32
Aaaaaaaaaand, this is .. what exactly..? :tea:


27-08-08, 03:36

Somewhere to store porn in adequate amounts!

"Does not compute!" :vlol:

j/k though.:o