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26-08-08, 16:20
Terminator, a classic movie from the 1980's, and It's sequel are one of the most successful movies of their time. The Series was brought back to the big screen with Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, which didn't live up to the previous titles, and not made by James Cameron.

Terminator was made Into a series with 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' which aired on TV earlier this year. The story Is set after Terminator 2: Judgement Day, as Sarah Connor and her son John are brought to the present day 2007 by their new protector, to avoid Sarah getting Cancer. The series aired for 9 episodes, and a new series is well on it's way.

Terminator 4: Salvation Is under production, with Christian Bale as John Connor In the fight for the future.

Thought It would be fine to make a new thread as there is a new movie on it's way, as well as a series. :tmb:

The new Sarah Connor.

Mad Tony
26-08-08, 16:23
I've only sen the second Terminator movie but I thought it was excellent. :tmb:

26-08-08, 16:25
I have watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles,They are fab!:tmb::D

26-08-08, 16:25
The second Is the best one Imo. :tmb:

26-08-08, 16:25
For some reason I find the TV show really really hard to get in to, I've tried so hard to get into it but it was seriously impossible, everything was just so complex i got lost really.

The second movie was brilliant though.

26-08-08, 16:26
I'm a huge Terminator fan. I've seen Terminator II so many times, I can't even count them. Have never seen the Sarah Connor Chronicles tho, as they are not yet shown in Germany. After seeing the Trailer for Terminator IV I really can't wait for this movie. It looks quite promising. Here's the trailer:


I didn't like the third movie much, but this one looks like it can live up to Terminator standards. Even though I'm gonna miss Arnie as T800 :o

26-08-08, 16:29
Terminator Salvation Is looking good, I hope Kyle stars in it. :tmb:

26-08-08, 16:32
Kyle Reese is gonna be played by Anton Yelchin..


Doesn't he look way too young? :confused:

26-08-08, 16:35
The man who played him in the Sarah Connor Chronicles was perfect. He had the image deffo, I liked it when he looked at the picture of Sarah, was a great reference to the original movie.

26-08-08, 16:43
I've seen the first two movies, and absolutely loved 'em, especially 2. Linda Hamilton was such a badass in T2! I loved it.

I never saw 3. I kind of wanted to just 'cause I liked the first two, but I had a feeling it wasn't going to live up to its predecessors. Guess I was right. :p

I didn't really get into the show either. I think whats-her-name makes a good Sarah, but I don't know. Something just didn't grab me when I watched the pilot.

I'm pretty excited about T4! It looks awesome from what I've seen so far. Plus Bale is a great actor.

26-08-08, 19:20
The first film was great, with an impressive pace and a gritty, "comic book" feel to it which I enjoyed. Still, I preferred the sequel. Felt more "epic."

The third was fair, and I enjoyed the series.

So :tmb: to Terminator in any form, really.

26-08-08, 19:46
Terminator is another example of a great movie destroyed by mindless sequels. It proves that audiences don't want something new or oirignal; they just want the same thing again and again and again and again.

The first film is the best, IMHO, because it's actually about something, and raises interesting questions about the paradoxes of time travel. It's true science fiction. The second film tops the first in terms of action, special effects, set pieces, and even drama, but in the scope of the original storyline, it's completely unnecessary. Cameron himself never even planned a sequel until Schwarzenegger kept egging him on for one.

In order to make a true sequel to Terminator, we would need to realize that the film would have to be a prequel at the same time, and that the story of Terminator exists in an eternal loop. It would be a movie involving John Connor, Kyle Reese, the T-800, Skynet, and possibly everything else, except it most assuredly wouldn't follow the same formula as the first and second film. Arnold would have to be in it (assuming that it would have been made in a timely manner), except he wouldn't be the star or the focal point of the action. Why do sequels always have to stick to the same schtick?

Terminator 3 plays like a shameful parody of the first two films. It never happened, IMO. Terminator 2 could be effectively ignored too, if the future war is inevitable. Thoughtless sequels almost always degrade the movies that came before them.

Agent 47
26-08-08, 19:55
Kyle Reese is gonna be played by Anton Yelchin..


Doesn't he look way too young? :confused:

i look at that picture and i can't believe he's the new Pavel A Chekov, Enterprise navigator :(

i like T1 & T2 never seen T3 and don't intend to :D

27-08-08, 10:20
I just watched the third one again last night, and i can't believe i was so bored watching it? :confused: I must of watched the second one hundreds of times in the past few weeks, but i really can't be bothered to watch the third again.