View Full Version : Macbook wont start up

26-08-08, 16:47
My macbooc pro wont start up. Whenever I press the power button it just shows a blank bright screen. Normally it shows the same screen, but with an apple logo and a little loading circle on the bottom. I tried plugging it into, taking the battery out, resetting the battery, and plugging it in again after resetting the battery. It was almost fully charged when I noticed it wasn't working.
Thanks for your help in advance.
Edit- I just found out that if I leave it on the blank bright screen eventually it flashes a folder with a question mark.

26-08-08, 17:49
Do you have any system recovery discs? Try booting from them and restoring last working state of the laptop.

26-08-08, 18:10
I probably do just don't know where it is. So when I find it I just boot it up put the disc in then restart it and go through what the disc says and restore from last working state?

26-08-08, 19:26
Yep. Put the first of the two DVDs you have in the drive, hold "C" while booting (if that doesn't work, hold "alt" and select the CD) and it will start from that. If you have a recent Time Machine backup, you can revert to that here, but you can also try to repair the problem with Disk Utility (it's in the installer's "Utilities" menu). If you can't get the problem fixed and you don't have a backup you can revert to, you best take it to an authorized Apple repair shop.

Generally, the folder with the question mark means that the BIOS (or here EFI, but that doesn't really matter) can't find a volume it can boot from, so it seems that your file system is damaged somehow.