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Logie 12 =]
26-08-08, 20:02
hello, if i click on a folder it will underline it and open with just one click, Can i change it too 2 clicks?
i cant remeber how to change it back
Thanks for the time:)
p.s im using vista

26-08-08, 20:39
This is for XP but I reckon it'll be the same for Vista.

On My Documents or My Computer or something along those lines...

Tools > Folder Options > General > At the bottom you have 'single click' and 'double click', click the double click.

26-08-08, 20:55
As you're using Vista, you need to use the Alt button to get the menu up, then continue with Ricky's instructions. :)

26-08-08, 21:53
are these folders within an explorer window, or is it the desktop.

you might have active desktop turned on and thus it is behaving like a webpage (which is the theory of active desktop).