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27-08-08, 03:17
Hi - I use Windows Vista and I have a DVD-CD-R/W combo drive that I use to try to copy music CDs for personal use. Whatever program I use - Roxio, Yahoo, or Windows Media Player - it always says "Burn Successful" and the tray pops open. The copy plays fine on this computer, but when I try to play it on my RCA CD changer, it says "Not a CD" and when I use it in the car, it says "Err". The CD changer is only a couple years old, and the car is a 2002 Cavalier - so they're not that old. If anybody else has this problem or knows what's wrong, I'd like to hear from you. I get tired of imposing on my friend who still has XP and never has a problem writing his music to disk. His tracks play everywhere.
Thank you,

27-08-08, 04:14
Some CD players don't play .mp3 files.

Maybe you could try converting your .mp3 to wave before trying them on your CD Player. :wve:

27-08-08, 04:54
1. What CD-player do you use?

2. To play a CD on most CD-players you need to write on 1-2x speed. Some HiSpeed CDs won't be read even in this case.
Therefore I need to know the CD-player model and number first :)

28-08-08, 01:38
It's an RCA model RS-2640 CD carousel changer.

28-08-08, 05:20
Use simple CD-R/RW (not HiSpeed, better CD-R), write on 1x speed. Can't find info about MP3 compatibility... Is there any MP3 label on it's front panel?

Ward Dragon
28-08-08, 06:50
CD-RW's don't work at all in most normal CD players. Use CD-R's if you haven't already :)

29-08-08, 03:53
I'll try the 1x write speed. I only use CD-R disks, never RW disks. The player
will play MP3s, but I never use that format. Only copy the store-bought CDs for
backup and personal convenience. I'll let you know how it works in a couple days.