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25-04-04, 19:54
Whenever I move a file, I cut it and paste it from the original folder to the folder I want it in. But after I do that I end up with the original folder still saying it's there but I can't see it. How can I move it once and have it just be one file? It's getting annoying. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-1.gif

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25-04-04, 20:41
Copy, delete and paste. Cutting leaves it as a hidden shadow of a file. ;)

25-04-04, 21:27
The way Gecko describes DELETES your files, so they cannot be pasted again. (Well, they can be put back from your recycle bin.)
Cut within one folder and Paste into another should work normally.
So be more specific on what EXACTLY you do and what happens (AND WHICH FOLDERS you cut and paste from and to).

25-04-04, 22:00
OK. I have the file in the 'Download' folder and usually move the files to 'Emma's Music'. What I have been doing in order to move is just cut and paste. Thanks for trying to help. Is there anyway to get rid of the shadows?

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25-04-04, 23:04
The "shadows" you and gecko are talking about is complete nonsense. There is just a temporary graphical effect on the file-icon after "Cut" and before "Paste" to show the file is "half gone away". When you paste, there will not be a shadow left of the original.
When you Cut, and then decide not to Paste, nothing will have happened to the file.

swimfanc, you are not as specific as i asked.
So, i only guess you're downloading music files with a p2p program like kazaa? And while the download of music files keeps continuing, you "cut and paste" some completed music files?
In that case: close the internetconnection, close the program, even better is to restart Windows, before cut and paste (or safer would be: copy and paste, and afterwards delete the original).

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26-04-04, 00:13
Open a window to the folder you are wanting to take the file from. Open a second window to the folder you want to move the file to.

RIGHT click and drag the file or files to the destination window, drop and you get a context menu. Select 'Move here'.