View Full Version : Alan Wake set for Q12009 release

27-08-08, 14:08

The screen shots look gorgeous

27-08-08, 14:12
Finally! :D

Definitely one I'll be getting for PC. :tmb:

27-08-08, 14:20
I'll believe it when I see it! Keeping my fingers crossed.

27-08-08, 14:21

Hybrid Soldier
27-08-08, 15:40
This game looks really interesting! I thought it was supposed to be released waaay earlier then that though.. either way, i'll be keeping an eye on this game. :tmb:

Sir Croft
27-08-08, 16:18
Wow! The graphics look great! :eek:
And the gameplay sounds nice, gonna get it for sure! :tmb:

27-08-08, 17:17
Graphics look great but dont make the game, ill be lookin forward to this though.

27-08-08, 18:08
The Xbox 360's answer to Heavy Rain? Looks good.

Agent 47
27-08-08, 18:10
The Xbox 360's answer to Heavy Rain? Looks good.

no........Heavy Rain is Sony's answer to Wake :D

27-08-08, 18:10
Now we just need to find out whats going on with splinter cell conviction :/

27-08-08, 18:17

Not As We
27-08-08, 19:22
Looks gorgeous,

Can't wait for this one

28-08-08, 09:55

28-08-08, 19:11
Finally! I'm so excited! I hope it turns out good, I know the story will be good.

28-08-08, 19:15
Damnit. I want the game. I want to play another good Remedy game, but neither pc or laptop will be able to handle it for sure. =| Don't feel like wasting money on 360 when it's the only game I would buy for it. Ugh..

01-09-08, 05:46
I really want to play this game, but I don't think it will be out in Q1 2009.

Alex Fly
01-09-08, 11:01
Sorry to deceive you guys but they never confirmed the game will be out for Q1 2009 (and certainly not the developper who posted the latest news concerning the development of the game). It's not in their habits to announce a release date, the game will come when it will be ready, and apparently there still be a lot of work on it. :wve: