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27-08-08, 17:06
Hey all , i thought i would let you see what i'm working on as a solo project.

So here is a 10 question demo.


v.01b PSP VERSION (http://tongueincheeksoftware.com/FLUZZ!%20v.01b%20PSP.rar)
v.01b WIN VERSION (http://tongueincheeksoftware.com/Fluzz!%20v.01b(demo).zip)
(http://tongueincheeksoftware.com/FLUZZ! v.01b MAC.rar)

MAC users read the readme included.

v.01b changes
Upgraded to BETA status
10 questions are playable in DEMO

v.03a changes

Added sample of audio question

v.02 changes

Spruced up menu and sounds.

27-08-08, 17:25
Looks great :tmb: The design could use some adjustments, but software works great.
You might want to put in some harder questions in the future though. :p

Minty Mouth
27-08-08, 17:45
Wow, one question?? please can we have more :p Its hard to make a judgement based on that alone.

Some aadvice i can give is to make the interface cleaner, and more adult. Maybe with some fancy shiny efects etc. :)

Not As We
27-08-08, 19:21
Avril doesn't want to be my house cat

As stated above, the software itself works great,
maybe just spruce it up a little bit more and it will be great


27-08-08, 19:23
THX guys, yeah i will release a 10 or so question demo next and yeah i've been woking on the layout and such, looks much nicer.

Tomorrow i will release it.

27-08-08, 19:29
Yay an Avril question!

I quite like the simplicity of the interface but a nice spruce up wouldn't go amiss. And in the answers, unless it's supposed to, don't end them in a question mark. It seems less like a factual answer and more like you're re-asking something for confirmation or you're unsure of what the answers really are. But that's pretty minor.

Oh, and the name FLUZZ!, sounds awfully familiar to a certain Playstation Quiz franchise :p.

Oh, and have more than 50 questions! We want more! Well I want more :D.

27-08-08, 19:56
Haha, it looks good. I answered the one question and was like "I've broke it?" Lol. :tmb:

27-08-08, 21:26
Just updated to v.02a, hope you like the new look.

The next update will be v.01b and will have 10 questions.

(edit) i updated to v.03a just to show another sort of question :P

(edit2) 10 question Demo now available v.01b above.

28-08-08, 08:56
A few recommendations: when you get a question right it can get quite frustrating having to click continue every time, especially if you play for a long time. Also, the restart system is a bit pointless if it asks the same questions again the next time, but I assume this is the way it is because it's not the final version.
The design could still do with a little tidy up but so far the whole thing seems pretty good!

EDIT: by the way, you should change question 6 since techinically the answer is wrong. The song that plays IS Gym Class Heroes, their song isn't a cover it merely uses those same lines. The question should be something like: "which band orignally used these lyrics?" or "Gym class Heroes used the chorus of a song by which band?" At the moment it comes across as too much of a trick question.