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28-08-08, 05:38
Here is my final version of the flash pixel fixer for psp,

It will unstick any pixels that are stuck on 1 colour.

FINAL VERSION (http://tongueincheeksoftware.com/Flash%20Pixel%20Fix%20Psp.rar)

Let me know your success rate.

28-08-08, 09:47
Just ran it for a whole hour on my Slim & Lite.

I've had a dead pixel right in the middle of the screen about a quarter of the way up since i bought it in October, last year and it's still there.

ah well. Guess i'll just buy the 3000 series when it comes out this October. I read it has a better screen so who knows? maybe theres a reduced chance at messed up pixels? :)

anyway thanks, btw. I'm sure it'll help many people. :D

28-08-08, 11:06
damn sux it didn't help ya, glad you got it running tho.

Thx for the compliments.

28-08-08, 12:59
Hi can i have more info on this please? does it run with official firmware?? filthylostsoul what colour is ur pixel stuck on mines on white but it can do every other colour except black (basically just cant show black so a white spot appears on the screen sorry if tht was confusin)

mmm cookies theres no chance this would break a psp correct? how do u run it? sorry im new to the whole psp thing (well got mine in july but bro had one in may)

28-08-08, 23:59
Yeah tidus this will run on any psp above 2.5 official firmware or not.

No it won't break the psp, it flashes colours on the screen and makes the pixels workout a bit, and usually will fix the kind of pixels like what you have.

You download the file and drag both foldersto your psp thats all.

read the readme in the download.

29-08-08, 00:12
What the heck does this thang do?

29-08-08, 12:44
What the heck does this thang do?

Some people experience stuck pixels(lights) on the psp screen and they stay a certain colour.

This runs a series of colour changes and gets the pixels working

i fixed many a psp with this already