View Full Version : The game based on the Lost TV show

28-08-08, 17:58
Has anyone played it? Is it worth it?

28-08-08, 18:10
I wrote a short review a while ago:

Off the top of my head, and thinking back - Cool game. Definitely one for fans of the show, it's not very long, some bits are quite tricky, but it's really gorgeous to look at and fun to run around and explore the places from the show.

Plus I've seen it for quite cheap in stores now.

28-08-08, 18:19
Thanks Riv. I will keep an eye out for it in the bargain bins.

29-08-08, 07:04
I saw some game plays and I realy want to play it

If you gys like 24 hours, the 24 hours game is just amazing as the serie

29-08-08, 14:28
I actually found the game quite disappointing, fun at first but then it became boring. I still have not finished it, but I might give it another try someday - maybe I was just frustrated with the lack of new Lost episodes :cln:.

Legend of Lara
29-08-08, 14:36
It's been getting mediocre to bad reviews. I suggest a rental if you can't find it real cheap.

29-08-08, 14:38
Well I've heard it's dull to play, has TERRIBLE voice acting (which I've heard and have to agree with) and the plot is non-canon and actually conflicts with the main series. Personally I'm not going to bother with it.