View Full Version : Irritating buzzing noise

29-08-08, 11:47
I recently upgraded my RAM from 512mb to 1.5 GB, and since I got my tower home and plugged it in, I get this stupid problem. The tower just makes this buzzing noise, it sounds like someone's having their head shaved. I had this problem when I first got the PC, but it eventually stopped, until now. I've tried sliding it into different places on the computer desk, and it'll sometimes stop the noise, but when you touch the tower or the computer desk too hard, it'll start up again. It's really loud and annoying, someone please tell me what to do before I go mad. :(

29-08-08, 19:35
Some case parts are not tighten or cooling fans are filled with dust and producing noise. I recommend you to open the case, clean all the fans from dust, tighten all screws (on fans, boards fixing screws, etc), then close the case and ensure the covers are placed right and fixed by screws also. Place the case on even solid surface to avoid vibratrions.

30-08-08, 23:32
lol. My computers been making a buzzing noise on and off ever since I first opened the case. Just give it a slap and it stops lol :D. However, I believe my Media Card Reader Drive is loose - I can give that a tap and it stops buzzing.

EDIT: Just out of interest, who is the manufacturer of your PC? Mine is Dell.