View Full Version : Another law suit against a gaming company

29-08-08, 17:57
Is a lobotomy a prerequisite to getting a law degree?


29-08-08, 18:03
What a sad world it is that we live in. It's just plain jealousy and greed.

Agent 47
29-08-08, 18:05
so erm yeah ok........:confused:

PS4 here i come :vlol:

Legend of Lara
29-08-08, 18:07
Will it EVER end?

29-08-08, 18:16
"Optical disk-shaped recording medium"? Gimme a break.

29-08-08, 18:23
Oh, please... this is like all those people who tried to sue JK Rowling because she 'stole their idea' simply because she wrote stories about wizards-in-training and they had had a similar idea but did nothing about it!

I would argue that a lot of this is moot... people tend to have similar ideas over all manner of things, and if Hyundai were so concerned over their idea being 'ripped off', why haven't they done anything with it since 1995? I haven't seen them struggling to break into the gaming / home entertainment market in the last 13 years...

29-08-08, 18:36
They can't be serious! :vlol:

Death Mask
29-08-08, 18:53
This is pathetic...

29-08-08, 19:11
Hyundai? :confused: Sony cars are much better, no wait, Philips, they are greener.

29-08-08, 20:50
Yes, they're going going to stop making PS3's because of this.. riiigght. :rolleyes:
How stupid can people get?

30-08-08, 11:47

I once had the idea of utilising a disc shaped object that plays games and movies...:hea: Damn it SONY! :ton:

Yeah, this is rather pathetic.

30-08-08, 11:52
What a sad world it is that we live in. It's just plain jealousy and greed.

oh how i agree.

30-08-08, 12:08
It's probably just some fanboy trying to take Sony down :p

Silly, really.

30-08-08, 13:04
This is ridiculous :mad:

30-08-08, 16:21
I was listening on the radio news on patents in the United States. It seems it is a matter which greatly harms the interests and launches of new and interesting products. Speaking about the software, for instance, think it is absolutely impossible, sometimes creating new and interesting programs for all kinds of visual protocols are patented. This makes any program payable in simple images, large amounts of money making, finally, that these programs can not be distributed in the market.
For example, this simple hand that appears on a link when we move the mouse, is patented. All developers must pay for that. So ad infinitum. I suppose that in matters of hardware the same thing happen. :confused:
Can you imagine if it were patented "wheel" or the notch of a screw?:confused:

Sir Croft
30-08-08, 17:28
wtf? :vlol: