View Full Version : Warhammer Online: A Lesson in Epic

29-08-08, 22:06
(Mods, Please close if this has been discussed lately)

I've just downloaded the new Warhammer: Age of Reckoning Cinematic.


Whoah!! :D

You can check it put here ( any Warhammer or general RPG fans owe it to themselves to see this: )


This is slow to download so maybe youtube is the faster option:


Well, it's very well rendered cinematically. The detailing is beautiful,
especially the Dark Elf Hag-Queen and the Elf scout. It's really cool
when the Chaos warrior morphs, and the God of Change at the very
end is a real treat! :D

Things are really hotting up here, can't wait to get the game.



29-08-08, 22:23
All things holy! The cinematic does look epic :tmb: I just hope the game lives up to the rave previews and all the hype! I've saved up for the pre-order already :D

29-08-08, 22:37
^^ Yeah, cool!

I'm just a tad worried that the battle system might be a bit over complicated.
Other than that, as long as I can field a Stone Troll or two in a Black Orc warband, things
should be grand :D