View Full Version : Naruto vs. DragonBall Z

30-08-08, 00:13
Title says it all, I guess...:)

So, which do you think is the best???

Naruto or Goku??

Shadow Replication or Kamehameha?? :D

Ninjas or Saiyans??

I personally think Naruto is better...

What about all of you?:wve:

Camera Obscura
30-08-08, 00:14

Though I can tolerate Naruto a hell of a lot better. I'm trying to get into it but it's an on and off thing.

30-08-08, 00:16
I have a severe dislike for both. Evenly.

30-08-08, 00:17
Naruto and Dragonball?

No comparison!

Goku all the way!!! :mis::mis:


30-08-08, 00:25
Who is Naruto???? - Goku wondered :whi:

God Horus
30-08-08, 00:25

I hate shows like this! I watched an episode and it was terrible.

n00b raider
30-08-08, 01:09
Never seen it, but I have a friend who is a HUGE fan of it.

But I have never really gotten into any anime. I watched half an episode of Salor Moon when I was five, got vaguely into Card Captors, because I liked all the female entities and Kiro. Only for maybe six months though, and that was when I was like, seven.
Then I watched a little bit of Mew Mew Power (Gotta love that name, eh?) when I was ten because my friend watched it. Only characters I liked there were...umm, the tall one in the purple outfit. I think she was a Wolf or something or other.

Bit never have seen an anime since I was 11.
IMO I think all animes are melo-dramatic.

And Dragon Ball Z sucks period. :p

Death Mask
30-08-08, 02:05
Dragon Ball Z all the way (Mexican dubbed version is by far the best), DBZ is a classic, Naruto is just a rip-off of DBZ.

30-08-08, 02:09
I've seen a couple episodes, but i never caught on... just not my taste:)

Death Mask
30-08-08, 02:31
This is my favorite DBZ chapter, it beats the crap out of Naruto:
(This is my favorite version too)


30-08-08, 05:18
DBZ ftw duh

30-08-08, 06:59
If it were the original Dragon ball against Naruto id pick Dragonball but since its DBZ Naruto wins. However i must point out that both are your stereotypical shounen with a generic plot that focuses on character power development as opposed to character development. If i wanted that type of story telling that focused on power development and upgrades id play an rpg.

30-08-08, 07:08
I never liked Dragonball Z but Naruto, Yes :)

30-08-08, 07:39
I'm not a big fan of either, cause I haven't really seen any. One Naruto episode, so Ima go with Naruto.

30-08-08, 11:56
Naruto sucks. DBZ sucks less :D or maybe that's just the nostalgia talking... :whi:

Legend of Lara
30-08-08, 13:30
Hmm... what's better? Grown men screaming and groaning for 200-odd episodes or wannabe ninjas running around a badly animated world? Such a hard choice...

Lost Angel 21
30-08-08, 15:42
I could never get into DBZ (then again, I was a kid when I saw it, so it never made sense to me)

Now Naruto, I hated because I always thought ninjas never wore orange and shouldn't have pink hair (I always went "WTF?" because ninjas are inconspicuous, why would they wear orange when they have to blend in?). Wasn't until last summer I started watching and liked it...the fillers in the anime are seriously annoying though. I like the Shippuden series better than the original Naruto though...

30-08-08, 15:48
Naruto of course! :D Never liked DB that much. Sailormoon was better to watch on those days :p

30-08-08, 16:08
Naruto is inspired from DBZ!
At first, Naruto was supposed to be a sorcerer, but, when HP came out, is was no more a question of fame for Naruto, so Masashi Kishimoto turned it into a Ninja manga.

I prefer Naruto, BTW.

31-08-08, 00:24
DBZ - I always find it amusing how Dragonball Z can go through three episodes without anything happening. Usually some insults, quick pointless fight and back to staring at each other. Still, it was pretty decent when stuff actually happened.

Naruto - Got kinda boring after a while, Believe it! :p

Lara Coft Baby
31-08-08, 00:31
Thou I don't watch it often Naruto is a whole lot better.

31-08-08, 00:43
Naruto, without a doubt. It was the first one that got me into anime anyway, and I still enjoy rewatching some of the Chuunin Exam episodes.. Those were the days. :p Naruto has quite a nice soundtrack aswell.
(Though it should never ever be watched with English dubs, honestly - no wonder some people absolutely can't stand it.. >_<)

I prefer the manga. :) Filler episodes in any anime tend to suck, and Naruto.. has many.