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01-06-04, 23:57
Anyone who knows me knows how much I despise games like this. This is what happens when you allow a bunch of deprived male morons to work on a video game project together. Here's an interesting, and funny, article (very revealing images, but nothing adult):


02-06-04, 00:01
In the last screen with the erm... nipple ..holders? :confused: ... ouch.. ! :eek:

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02-06-04, 00:15
**shakes head**

ive seen commercials for that game on tv and i thought exactly what you do when i saw them. its a shame but w/e thats the world today.

Melonie Tomb Raider
02-06-04, 04:27
Women are always being degraded like that and it really makes me sick! Games like this totally disgust me and offends me as a woman. I hate how much women are being degraded, EVERYWHERE. Whether it's in video games, where they aren't real women, or in real life like in music videos. Some woman would do any thing for money, even if it means being used and then thrown away like a piece of garbage. Mom told me that she heard some where about a certain music video or something that had these rappers singing or whatever and then it showed a woman in a thong bend over and let him run his credit card through her butt like he was paying for her "services". Ok, first of all, that is absolutely disgusting and second of all it totally degrades women and that kind of garbage encourages men to use women because they know they can. ( Some women, not all. None of us here would take that). It disgust me that women will do anything for money, they give other women a bad name. WOmen are being degraded EVERYWHERE now and there is nothing we can do about it but hate it! It just makes me sick.

02-06-04, 23:34
I may be out of line. And I certainly don't defend that game but don't most reviewers feel that Lara is also an
exploitation of women. Isn't her extreme contours just a means of pandering to the target market young adult males? As female gamers who like Lara Croft don't you find you sometimes have to justify your liking her?

Now don't get me wrong, if I am going to spend hours looking at a computer screen, what is on it needs to be attractive. I can't say I would still be playing TR if Lara was ugly or a man.

But take my new favorite Jade from Beyond Good & Evil. She is not as zaftig as Lara nor does she dress provocatively, but you can tell she is all female. Also you could not have had a male play her part, it wouldn't have had the same emotion.

If the new TR is half as good as Beyond Good & Evil I will be pleased.

03-06-04, 01:21
i totally agree w/ you lara fanboy.. in some cases i think lara can be an exploition to women too. i love the tr games still tho. with aod, i read in a mag that her assests would be enlarged and well sway in the wind or however it was put. but i think the volley ball game goes a bit too far. the way lara was designed isnt as bad as how those girls in doa are.

it all just goes back to the people who create it.

03-06-04, 03:54
This kind of portrayal makes me equally sick - it's so one dimensional. Likewise, on the point of unreal depictions, I find the portrayal of men just as offensive - they are typically muscle bound 'hunks'. It's not just games however, these gender cliches (and others) pervade media in general. But it is interesting for me to see some of you females posting your disdain here, also posting your protestations at the lack of male game characters for you to ogle at. You don't want women to be portrayed as sexual objects (defining men who do as deprived - you probably meant depraved), yet you want men as sexual objects. Which is it to be, equality or hypocrisy?