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30-08-08, 21:02
What do you think ?


To me it's pretty good, but not a patch on left outside alone,
welcome to my truth or heavy on my heart... but I'm sure it'll
grow on me, I'll definately be buying her new album :) Anybody
else here like her ? I'm hoping to go and see her when she tours
the album :)

Probably her most memorable song.


Seriously, amazing perfect voice.

30-08-08, 21:14
Pretty cool, I'll deffo get her new album.
I like so many of her songs, I don't know which is my favourite - but I do get shivers whenever I hear Welcome to my Truth.


Astounding vocals.

Tina Croft
30-08-08, 21:19
i like Anastacia very much, she has such an amazing voice!

i loved the song Left Outside Alone from the first second i heard it, so emotional. :tmb:

but don't think i'll buy her new album. :p i'm not fan enough.

30-08-08, 21:24
I love her! She's a great singer! I will definitely buy her new album!

30-08-08, 21:28
I used to be a really BIG fan of her. but hey, I still love her :D I think that hip-hop sound doesn't really suits her though...

30-08-08, 23:40
Its very repetitive :S I dunno. I really like her, and as you said its nothing compared to Left Outside Alone. I'm sure she will be back with a bang though! :)

Crystal girl
30-08-08, 23:43
I used to have her album, and i still have it. I like her style and her songs :D
But i don't know if i'll buy this album too.

Lara Coft Baby
31-08-08, 00:24
Eh the new song is ok. There are a couple of songs she has i like but not a huge fan.

Not As We
31-08-08, 00:52
Ah god,
I totally forgot about her new album =[

Thats 3 new albums coming out within the next few months that I just HAVE to get,

Welcome to my truth is my absolute favourite of hers


31-08-08, 01:10
She came to Portugal some years ago, and I went to see her - amazing show, shared her cancer experience and as always showed her amazing voice, besides delivering an incredibly entertaining, emotional and intimate show - my best friend's dad was organizing the whole thing, so we got to see her after the gig, and he advised us that she could not be as nice as she appeared, we got there - TOTAL SHOCK ! We see like this tiny tiny girl, gorgeous, we couldnt believe it was her, bad thing no one had a camera, and by the time there were only ****ty phones(no camera), so unfortunatly there were no photos, we did tried, but we failed to achieve success.. xD She was all cute, hugging us and posing for the failed picture, really, an experience to remember..

31-08-08, 08:41
The only thing I don't like about her is how she lied about her age,
she's actually 39, not 34 :vlol:

31-08-08, 13:44
I love her voice and her live performances but that new song isnt a patch on her old stuff.

31-08-08, 15:47
I love her new image now, before that she reminded me of Xena lol.