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31-08-08, 00:24
Ok, so I have this program called Auslogics Boostspeed, which can defrag your registry and all that other crap. I recently changed some tweaks in the little program that came with it, and now my laptop is stuck in a continuous loop of restarting. It say "Configuring updates stage 3 of 3" then it goes to logon, then it says shutting down and restarts. I tried starting it in safe mode, but it just restarts there too.

Any help please? I`m desperate!!!

Edit: Please, I need help. I`ve tried system restore, it says its already running and wont restore. I tried all safe modes, nothing. repairing didnt help. memory diagnostics would not come up. I am really desperate, I dont want to fully restore, since files for school are on it, but I will if its the absolute last thing.

31-08-08, 06:17
You must be going crazy!!

Have you tried to see if you can uninstall the Auslogics Boostspeed? It may help as it could remove the proggies that are causing your computer to loop.
That is the only advice I can offer at the moment, until the real brains arrive. :)

31-08-08, 11:55
There is no way to get to where I can uninstall it, unless im missing something.

There has to be another way, I dont want to reformat unless its the absolute last thing.

I was stupid enough to erase all my system restore points to free up space, and now I fear there are none left with the exception of one created when I defragged my registry, and even then it wont let me use it, it keeps saying its already running.

Maybe I should leave it to keep restarting until it finishes? I doubt it will ever stop.

I failed to mention I can use command prompt in the repair option, if that is any help. I tried repairing with restart problems, but it said nothing is wrong.:(

31-08-08, 14:49
Try running "Last known good configuration" from the boot menu (F8 on boot).

If you succeed with it, disable Automatic Updates and uninstall this Auslogics Bootspeed software. Then try rebooting in Normal mode.

31-08-08, 19:36
Well, I went ahead and did a full reformat of my hard drive, since I found backups on another laptop I had. I installed all necessary drivers, but now a new annoying thing happens:

A splash screen comes up with the toshiba logo saying final configuration, will reboot after completion. Do not interrupt! The first time it ran through, but now everytime I start up my laptop it says this and sits there. I left it for 2 hours and it did nothing. Can I get rid of this? Also I have a system setup thing pop up also, along with an automatic install of Alps device driver everytime. Is there a way to stop this?:(

EDIT: also, my account says it is locked and that it has a password. Problem is, I have no idea what the password is. Is there a way to reset it?

01-09-08, 06:47
First of all: what account if you have reformatted? :confused:

If you have used restore discs, then are you sure you've done it properly?

01-09-08, 14:22
I`m pretty sure I reformatted the right way, since I havent had any critical errors, maybe the occasional bug, but its fixed with a relogging. Anyway, I have a little issue. Whenever I restart or shutdown and start up, the default administrator account takes over, no matter what. That is usually the account that has the system preparation box pop up and the cmd.exe box pop up as well, I`ve had little issue with my new account. Is there a way to turn off this annoying administrator account for good? I dont want to delete it, since you need an administrator account to control all the features on your PC. I read an article somewhere that told how to turn it off, but its not working. Maybe I need to log off it?:confused:

01-09-08, 19:15
It seems you haven't actually reformatted at all...

To reformat boot from Windows XP Installation CD, choose New Installation (not update), choose partition (your C drive) and choose to format partition as NTFS (quick format may fit). Then proceed with WinXP installation as always.

01-09-08, 19:49
Um, I have Vista Home Premium, not XP and I used a recovery disk that came with my laptop specially made for Toshiba Satellite A210 Series. It set my laptop back to factory settings or out of box state. Is that not reformatting? If not, forgive me but basically I popped in the disc went through the Toshiba recovery wizard, and it copied all files from factory settings and deleted my old account and files.

But my biggest concern is will I be able to have my laptop bring me to my account and not the default administrator account that was supposed to be hidden. I tried this:

net user administrator /active:no

but I cant get the account to go away.

02-09-08, 02:13
during your installation of windows, did you ever get to a screen that said "are you sure you want to format this partition?"

darn OEM discs.

02-09-08, 12:03
Um, not so sure if it said that, but I know it said something about deleting all partitions. Do you think it created a partition on the default account that cant be deleted?

02-09-08, 12:17
You need the full system partition reformat from Vista Installation disc.

Or within this installation (that you've recovered), login with Administrator account and create a new user account for you, delegate Administrator rights to it and relogin to it. Delete your old account if you have backups (as you've said).

02-09-08, 13:39
YAY! I think I just fixed it!

Whenever I rebooted this morning, I had the usual out of box pop up so I went ahead and did it anyway and now it made me a new account in Vista and it is running through some Vista installation.:jmp: