View Full Version : "Lara Croft Causes A Stir In The West..."

01-09-08, 11:20
This was on the local news a few days ago about this statue of Lara offending people cos of her guns and the police even got involved! :o

Heres the vid:

01-09-08, 11:23
LOL :vlol: WTF its just a statue! Bloody hell hahahah thats gold!

01-09-08, 11:30
The first question that comes to mind is 'do the police having nothing better to do?', but I won't ask it in case I risk somebody's wrath!

I think the bigger question here is, why is he putting the statue at the roadside? Those things aren't exactly ten a penny, somebody could quite easily come along and nick her!

And finally, :vlol: at Lara in the phone box!

01-09-08, 12:58
haha great :vlol:
but that statue looks like michael jackson for me.. : |

01-09-08, 13:26
That's absurd! I can't believe anyone would find that offensive. It did annoy me a little bit that one of the women seemed to think that Lara Croft was only from films...

01-09-08, 13:42
^^ Meh most people don't know which came first

This is like that cutout of lara that police mistook for an armed robber lol, pathetic really.

01-09-08, 13:46
:vlol: That IMO is not really offensive! It might encourage people to carry guns, but come on! Its only a statue!

Lara Croft!
01-09-08, 14:06
Sometimes freedom of speech sucks. Everyone gets offended by everything. It was a good advertisement for his museum, though.

01-09-08, 14:22
lmao @ them calling the statue "scantilly clad"

01-09-08, 14:24
No offence to anyone, but I think the police in the UK suck....
They are more bothered with teenagers and little things like this, BUT when we need them most, they never show up:p
If only we Brits were more like the USA..:p Those guys rock! :D

01-09-08, 15:01
lmao @ them calling the statue "scantilly clad"


Night Crawler
01-09-08, 16:19
I'm gonna go nick it then sell it on ebay. :eek:

01-09-08, 16:24
I'm gonna go nick it then sell it on ebay. :eek:

I'm surprised he's not worried about that actually!

At least none of the people interviewed about the statue found it offensive.

01-09-08, 16:27
What a bunch of sissy dorks.

01-09-08, 16:30
LOL. :p

Minty Mouth
01-09-08, 16:34
No offence to anyone
If only we Brits were more like the USA..:p Those guys rock! :D

Oh wow....... Treason! :yik: :p

There was a story exactly like this a while ago :tmb:

01-09-08, 17:58
Hahaha! That's class! :D

Loved the ending part where they played 'Elevation' by U2.

And, lastly, WOOT for AoD Lara! :yah:

01-09-08, 18:09
:vlol: :vlol: :vlol: well......any publicity is good publicity right?

01-09-08, 18:11
She looks like Michael Jackson there :yik:

01-09-08, 18:19
srsly, I lol'd! :vlol:

01-09-08, 18:19
Omg. :vlol:

01-09-08, 18:29
She's not even scantilly clad in that video. :vlol:

the last bits made me LOL. :vlol:

01-09-08, 18:41
lmao @ them calling the statue "scantilly clad"

I say, I think I saw her belly button! How rude!

01-09-08, 18:45
I say, I think I saw her belly button! How rude!

the Amish would really flip.

maybe someone should inform them that everybody has one. :whi: