View Full Version : Will crysis work on windows xp?

jungle raider
01-09-08, 12:38
Title says it

I have nvidia 7950GT and i just want it to run it on DX 9

Will it work?

01-09-08, 13:15
yes :)
it may go slow

really slow

01-09-08, 13:28
Yes, it will run fine. There are even patches to get the DX10 features to work on DX9.

jungle raider
01-09-08, 13:33

Well i dont really care about the graphics but the game.I just want it to get it working on playable speed.I ll install it right now

01-09-08, 13:35
Hopefully you at least have 1GB of RAM. If so, you'll have a fine time with the game. I suspect you'll run it on about medium.