View Full Version : Which game have you completed the most?

01-09-08, 12:59
Sounds sort of random, but i was thinking about this the other day on the bus, when i completed resident evil ds yet again (without saving etc. etc.)

So, i may be wrong, but i have completed a lot of the Tomb Raiders over and over (especially legend based on the length) However, i have probably completed the original Resident Evil more than any other game in m life. This includes the ps1 original, gamecube remake (the best) and of course resident evil ds. This means i've got all the costumes, unlimited rocket launcher and done the modes etc. I'm thinking of investing in the saturn version to go along with it.

Anyways, which game people??

01-09-08, 13:05
Tomb Raider Legend, i think xD

KC Mraz
01-09-08, 13:07
Legend for me too :D, other ones are TR1 and Ninja Gaiden for Xbox i think

01-09-08, 13:08
Legend for me too :D, other ones are TR1 and Ninja Gaiden for Xbox i think

Ninja Gaiden! wow that mustve taken a while. Anyways im not sure if its a tr game myself. Probably is, i just know i've played the original resi A LOT!

Alex Fly
01-09-08, 13:09
1/ Tomb Raider Legend
2/ Max Payne
3/ Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne


01-09-08, 13:14
That's gotta be Metal Gear Solid 3. :) 30 times or something it says on my memory card! :vlol:

01-09-08, 13:16
Mafia, Tomb Raider 2,3,4, Freedom Fighters, Unreal Tournament, VTM: Bloodlines

01-09-08, 13:22
Half-Life (maybe 15 times)
TR (all games except legend and tra) (maybe 10 times)
Blood (5 times)

01-09-08, 13:22
TR II (12)
TR III (12)
TR TLR (5)
TR Cronicles (4)
Metal Gear Solid (4)
Silent Hill (4)

01-09-08, 13:27
1.Runaway:a road adventure-bout 5 times
2.Tomb raider legend-bout 3
3.Runaway:the dream of the turtle and the syberias-each 2 times

01-09-08, 13:34
Considering I modded it - definitely Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn.

Although the first 5 TR's run a close second (especially 1&3)

01-09-08, 13:37
Its probably a tie between TR1 and Zelda Ocarina of Time. I have played all the way through both of those maybe over 20 times.

01-09-08, 14:45
Tomb Raider Legend, four times. ;)

I'm working on beating Jak 2 for the second time. Can't stop that game's awesomeness, unless you compare it to Jak 3.

01-09-08, 15:13
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines - 9 times :cln:

01-09-08, 15:15
Various Street Fighter titles.

Seriously, it must number in the thousands.


01-09-08, 15:32
umm Tomb raider legend
Resident evil 3
Silent hill 3

01-09-08, 15:51
resident evil 3, 4, 1 tomb raider 1, legend, anniversary prince of persia SoT, WW, TTT quake 1 unreal T

01-09-08, 15:57
Various Street Fighter titles.

Seriously, it must number in the thousands.


I've probably completed the various Mario Kart titles sixty billion times 'n' all.

The same goes for the Mario Tennis titles.


Melonie Tomb Raider
01-09-08, 15:59
Oddly enough, AOD. I beat that game about 5-6 times. :vlol:

Well, not counting SNES games, I beat the same ones a bazillion times when I was a kid.

01-09-08, 16:05
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines - 9 times :cln:

Is it that good? I'll download the demo and i'll see :D

01-09-08, 16:05
Is it that good? I'll download the demo and i'll see :D

Yes, it is that good!! :yik::jmp: :p

There is no demo though. :( But trust me, its worth every penny. :D

01-09-08, 16:08
Yes, it is that good!! :yik::jmp: :p

There is no demo though. :( But trust me, its worth every penny. :D

There isn't? But I saw somewhere! Oh well :p

01-09-08, 16:16
oh yeah i forgot resident evil 4

01-09-08, 16:19
I've probably completed the various Mario Kart titles sixty billion times 'n' all.

The same goes for the Mario Tennis titles.

:wve:Surrounded by a bunch of lightweights aren't we?

the morningstar
01-09-08, 20:10
Shadow Of The Colossus and Ico
I cant get enough of these games

01-09-08, 20:27
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


If I say around 50 times, I wouldn't even be exaggerating, I used to play it non stop when I was a kid on the SNES, than I bought a GBA a few years ago just for the GBA version of the game and I even installed a custom firmware on my PSP to install the game. And I even have a SNES emulator on my PC to play it :D.

Over all four platforms it's been played numerous times by me, I just love the game to death.

ben croft
01-09-08, 20:46
God of War I/II


01-09-08, 20:58
FFX, TRIV, TRII, MGS3 or Max Payne.

01-09-08, 20:58
Silent Hill 2, Quest for Glory 3 and 4, Gabriel Knight 1 and 3, Resident Evil 2.

Legend of Lara
01-09-08, 21:09
I've finished Ratchet & Clank 3 over 30 times out of boredom. It's so easy and short!

Then there are Sonic 1 and 2, both which I've completed numerous times.

01-09-08, 22:04
tomb raider legend is the easiest and shortest game there for its also my most completed

01-09-08, 22:23
resident evil 1 surprisingly enough...:ton:

Yuna´s Wish
01-09-08, 22:24
It has to be a FF game, probably X-2 or IX.

01-09-08, 22:26
Legend. :p the easiest game. :p

01-09-08, 22:39
TRL and Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex.

02-09-08, 06:48
Anniversary on the 360.

I've been trying to collect all achievements and have finished it last month. :jmp:

02-09-08, 07:31
Spider-Man for PS1, probably. ;)

02-09-08, 07:38
Probably Parasite Eve 1 and 2 and FFX-2 coming a close third. Followed by the rest of the TR's.

02-09-08, 08:07
TR4: The Last Revelation. I know, not a big surprise to anyone who knows me well enough. It is my favorite game and I have completed it 3 times now. I'm seriously contemplating a fourth time in the near future. I love it so much. It has everything I love so much in a video game.

02-09-08, 09:00
Tomb Raider Legend, most likely because it is the shortest, and its also fun to play and a joy to look at on the 360. The next in line would be Resident Evil Nemesis, because l was trying to get all those epilogues, l gave up in the end with one left to go.

02-09-08, 10:09
Legend :rolleyes:

Or Marvel vs Capcom 2

02-09-08, 14:42

02-09-08, 14:56

Without a doubt. Even before I got the game I would play the demo again and again and again and again....it just clicked with me :)

Why am i not surprised :D

02-09-08, 15:37
Spyro the Dragons'...up to the most recent, so easy:)
POP:SOT. [Did a speedrun & walkthrough for that :)]
Hitman:Blood Money.

02-09-08, 15:46
Tomb Raider Legend!:tmb:
I played the demo non-stop for a week until I got my copy,and then I played Legend,and only Legend,for about 3 months.Then I bought it for PSP and completed a few times again.:D

Other games:Tekken Dark Resurrection,Jedi Academy,BloodRayne and all other TRs.;)

02-09-08, 19:14
Tomb Raider 2,followed by Silent Hill 2 and Resident Evil 2...
There's something very appealing about the number 2.:p

02-09-08, 19:22
probably Kingdom Hearts. its so long and interesting, i just played it again, and again, and again, and again.....

even with Legend's short length and easy replay value. its even easier to loose interest in it.

02-09-08, 20:34
Tr2 by far ...then TR1 the others I have played atleast three/four times each. except AOD (once) and Legend (once) though I have now brought it for X box as it was really cheap so I shall see how it plays on there!

02-09-08, 20:41
System Shock II the most.

Baldur's Gate II comes in second, with the campaign mode for Starcraft in third place.

03-09-08, 03:55
Definitely Legend. I've probably beat that game at least 12 times.
BloodRayne 2, I've gone through three times.
Anniversary, three times thus so far.
Mortal Kombat Deception's Konquest, a couple times.

03-09-08, 12:04
Baldur's Gate 2, many, many times.

03-09-08, 12:09
Trl & tra

03-09-08, 14:01
TR Anniversary on the 360, because I need to collect all achievements. :)

03-09-08, 15:45

03-09-08, 15:50
TR Anniversary;)

03-09-08, 20:53
SuperMario Brothers 2 on the Gameboy. I can play through it in a few minutes by now :)

Big E
05-09-08, 14:16
Interesting question seeing that, although Tomb Raider: Legend and Tomb Raider: Anniversary are the two most recent games I've played, I've finished them both about half a dozen times, each (they are so addictive). Other than that, the only game I can think of that I've played through more times is GUN, which is an awesome third-person western shooter (great voiceovers, too, with some big name actors) - check it out if you haven't.