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01-09-08, 17:04
Ive been working on a remake of Lara's Mansion for a few days now. Earlier today I made a change that i didn't like So i loaded one of my previous project saves. Then it came up with "ARG List too Big' then, "Cannot find texture file 'yadda yadda'.", then went on to backup the project and create a Crash.txt file.

I know all about the ARG list problem, but never before have I had extra error messages. I went onto http://www.**********.com on the 'Fixing Problems' tutorial section. I read that to solve this you take spaces out of the name of your texture file. I did this and nothing happened. I then went on to take the space out of the folder name. Then the errors stopped coming up. But now all of my project files are blank with empty rooms! What's happened to all my work??

01-09-08, 22:31
You will have to reload the textures. You just changed the name of the folder where the textures are located.

01-09-08, 22:47
Yes I tried that - but whats the point if my project files now have empty rooms? its like I never created anything. I dont get it.

02-09-08, 05:32
You mean lights, objects, everything is gone?

02-09-08, 07:56
Yes, I mean all room geometry and everything. The only thing left in the project files is the 18x18 room that you start with in a new project. Its as if it either isnt loading the project files, or everything within them has been deleted..

02-09-08, 11:16
WOW :yik:
Never heard of anything like that happening. Must be a NGLE problem.
Maybe someone who uses NGLE can help.

02-09-08, 14:17
Just my luck eh? :(