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TR freak
01-09-08, 23:06
Who else just cant wait for Gears 2? I think the first game was brilliant. It's one of the few games on the next gen consoles that actually felt "next gen" and truly made me say wow. The only problems with the first game were that the single player was way too short and the multiplayer wasn't very good imo. Despite being short, the singleplayer game was still outstanding and I went through it several times before being bored of it. Plus playing co op was fantastic. The main problem with the mp was the fact most games were just shotgun matches. It seemed to just be all about being the first player to shotgun the other player at close range. Didn't take long for that to get boring.

Thankfully it looks like these problems are being fixed in Gears 2. I think I read somewhere the single player would be twice as long as Gears 1. Also the multiplayer actually looks good this time. From what I've seen it looks like the shotgun isn't going to be as effective. Also the new mp modes look much better than the first. All the new weapons and features added to this game look awesome. Executions look amazing, taking hostages after a kill looks pretty cool and I cant wait to try out Horde mode. Definitely my most anticipated game for the rest of the year.

Hybrid Soldier
02-09-08, 04:20
I finished playing the first Gears recently and i'm looking forward to the 2nd. But i agree with the SP being short. It was still extremely fun and both my friend and i played through the game on each mode. XD
I never really played too much multiplayer but its true.. shotgun is the gun of choice and its a tad repetitive. I think i'm going to wait on this game though because there are too many other ones i want this fall.. there's no doubt this game already has a list of people who pre-ordered it and i highly doubt i'll get the chance to get it in stores for the first while.

02-09-08, 06:04
I'm actually playing throught the first game again with my brother now. It really was a good game. A lot of fun co-op. I'm definately excited to play the next one. Not sure if I'll get it day one with all the other great games coming out in November. I actually haven't played the competitive multiplayer (I don't have a Gold subscription and don't really play much online anyway). But 2 is going to have bots I believe so I'll definately be playing some competitive multiplayer this time. Looks really good though.

TR freak
03-09-08, 18:56
I just finished Gears 1 again and I finally got all 30 cog tags. Thats every single player achievement there is now. Gears 2's achievements look much better since almost all of them can be got in single player. Gears 1 had way too many MP achievements and the SP ones weren't all that interesting for the most part.