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02-09-08, 08:35
Hey guys, do us a favour, if this has already been done please ignore/delete. I did do a search and couldn't see anything, so... :whi:

Anyway, I figured we could do with a thread to collect all our favourite online games and share them with each other. Plus, I need suggestions as I have a LOT of time to kill at work. :p

So, I'll kick off by recommending Pandemic 2, which can be found here: http://www.crazymonkeygames.com/Pandemic-2.html. It's a strategy game where you try and kill off the population of the earth by using a superbug of your choice. It sounds simple (and a bit grisly), but it's very very addictive!

So, any suggestions? :D

Minty Mouth
02-09-08, 09:17
You should definitely check out www.Ijji.com loads of great high quality online games :tmb: