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02-09-08, 09:06
I love this game! I thought I'd do a diary of the missions.

The game came out in 1999, for PC, and is set in 2005. You play the leader of a SWAT team. You have several objectives to complete during the mission.


Ok, this is your first mission, and you couldn't get an easier one IMO. You have to arrest a suspect, and nick his guns. That's it. You just picklock the door open, arrest the blokes girlfriend in the lounge, then go up to the attic (which is basically where he is most of the time, though I have been known to find him under his bed in his room :confused:), and throw some tear gas in. He starts screaming "I'm dying!" and "I can't breathe..." but shout at him to get on his knees long enough, and he eventually will, saying "Ok, just stop shouting at me!". What. A. Baby. A real criminal would have just shot you! And this guy was shooting people from his attic window while they were in their cars! What is the world coming to?


Now this one is a bit harder. You have to find two guys in the house. They both have guns on them, so this would have essentially have been the better starting mission. The old man and his son could be anywhere, so it's more of a real situation. Except for the fact that there's a booby trap on the old mans bedroom door, and then you look in there... and there's no-one in there! How retarded is that? Grr. The son, he's easy enough to sort out, just get your tear gas in every single room >.< The old man is usually in the basement. My god what is up with these people? Why have an old man and his son got guns in the house? Because they are militia! People who don't like America (and sorry, but who does?)! And then you have to scout around for the weapons. Stupid mission.

Two more are coming soon :)