View Full Version : Who has IMVU ?

02-09-08, 13:06
Hey guys who has IMVU i went on it today its pretty cool, my name is lilsooz if anyone wants to be friends

02-09-08, 13:30
Oh man. That thing destroyed my computer? :confused:

I havnt been on it since then, long time ago. :p

Night Crawler
02-09-08, 14:23
There.com is better.

Legend of Lara
02-09-08, 14:58
Ah, you mean that social thingy always advertised through infected ads? Yeah, I've been staying away from that. ;)

02-09-08, 16:10
ITS JUST A NOTHER WAY FOR A COMPANY TO MAKE MONEY OFF UNSUSPECTIONG PEOPLE! Yeah, I had one once. And I realized how you make money in the game. A new mean to the phrase "You gotta spend money to make money" most of the stuff is overpriced and useless... and quite ugly as well. you gett throw into dates randomly and ya know what... i deleted my account!!:ton: admittadly fun for the first few day or week and them bam, the fun is gone, since there isn't much to do...Talk, Chat, Take a photo, date, shop. that's really it and it all suck...

Just another fad...I'd give it another year before everyone goes rushing back to myspace.

This rant brought to you by he Letter A and the number 9!

02-09-08, 16:20
I have one. I remember making my avatar thingy, and she looked just like me! I thought it was fun. And she did this little butt-shake dance thing I do.

It did a number on my computer, too, though, and I can't bring myself to pay for something I rarely use. I think I threw down 5 bucks just so I could have more clothing options, but I regreted that immediately.

02-09-08, 16:41
told ya!!

02-09-08, 16:42
Told who? :confused:

02-09-08, 19:11
I had IMVU for a while, but there were far too many creepy blokes. Ugh, I didn't even KNOW that some fetishes existed until then.

I wouldn't advise younger members joining up, as my sister who was 9 at the time had too many sick individuals chatting to her. It looks like a kid's game too...

02-09-08, 19:17
What exactly is IMVU?