View Full Version : Explorer.exe keeps crashing and restarting ?!

02-09-08, 15:27
Well here's my problem:

I get the explorer.exe crash thing.

If I press "Send error report" it sends it like usual, then my desktop dissappears ( backgruond stays ) and then it comes back. One second late rI get the same box again, I press "Don't Send"; the desktop immediately disappears and I get the thing again.

The "Track errors' or so button does the same as "Don't Send".

The strange thing is I can use the taskbar and so with no problems. Only My Documents doesn't open, but gives me a read error on "written".

I'll reboot now and see what it gives. I hope it automatically fices everything

02-09-08, 16:42
ohh yes thanks
Huh ?

It seemed to stopped doing that, for now.

I'll wait and see :)

02-09-08, 17:07
^ Disable DEP (http://www.tombraiderwiki.com/index.php/DEP) and your problem will go to oblivion.
But perform an antivirus scan also... just in case ;)

02-09-08, 17:57
Thanks :)