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02-09-08, 21:43
Kinda weird of me to ask for help on this...

Ive been asked to sing at a matric farewell (which is like a prom here in SA)
And i have absolutely no idea what songs i should sing...
I have a duet I'll be doing with a dear friend of mine singing a song i wrote with her assistance... so Thats already sorted out seeing as we have performed it twice before....

But solos...:confused:
I dont know where to start...
I love retro and new wave music...seeing as it is what everyone loves lately...

I was thinking of the timeless "Can't take my eyes off of you" with a hiphop/reggae twist and some electric guitars with saxes and a trumpet....

Any suggestions?

02-09-08, 22:08

02-09-08, 22:11

Is that a song?:confused:
Who's the artist?

02-09-08, 22:16
is there any songs people think you sing well or you love? you seem very sure on "cant take my eyes off you" :)

plus is you need any tips or whatever, i did a performing arts course and youth theatre so im here to help :)
and i sing in public a lot so just ask if youre curios or whatever :jmp:

good luck and i hope you enjoy yourself!