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03-09-08, 05:22
How do you guys relax after feeling stressed out? I know a lot of my friends have different things that work for them, some go out for a walk, others talk about what's going on, or watch a movie or listen to music to distract themselves, and others who like to damage things :p So what do you do? :)

I'd love to know cause I'm pretty stressed at the moment. I'm getting married in 2 months but I need more like 4 months to get everything ready. And there's some family tension cause my parents wanted the wedding in May, and my fiance wanted it in November. I went with November and now my family won't pay for anything cause it's not when they wanted it. And other things like insomnia, got a Drs test soon and I really hope it's a good one, as well as college tests, I had a little tiff with a friend recently, I've got a photography job coming up that I don't want to do, I've got to finish two major projects within the next two weeks, and I have to pack to move into my new home. And if I want to do something fun, I have to get up at like 3am to fit it in - that's when I've been building TRLE things, and now the outfit I was staying up late for is messed up. *tears*
Sooooo, I'm burn out, I'm falling asleep every moment of peace I get. I've got 2 more months of this mayhem to go before I move out - so I really need a few de-stressing ideas to try out for sure :D

03-09-08, 06:14
Try writting out a plan for your day and stick to it, you'd be surprised how much you can fit in to 12 hours. Best way for me to deal with stress is exercise, not walking, but go for a 2 or 3 mile run at a good pace, afterwards your bodies tired and will focus more on repairing itself then whats at the back of your mind.

03-09-08, 06:53
I can understand how you feel, I know how it's like to be squeezed & pressured from all corners.

Goose is right:

Plan your day, you'll be able to manage your work better.
Also be strict with your time, stick to the schedule & let people know that you take your time seriously.
Exercise clears the mind & refreshes the body, it's a great way to unclog that cloudy mind.

I'll add:
Taking some time off. This is an advice many people gave to me & it works; take some time for yourself to do what you want to do, like going to a movie or driving around; whatever works for you, works :)
Have a good meal. Make sure you don't stinge on yourself (but don't go overboard either!). Have healthy & happy meals.

Also ask your loved ones not to put too much pressure on you, let them know you have a lot on your plate & some consideration could go a long way to helping you.

I hope you'll have better days after this :) :hug:

Feather Duster
03-09-08, 06:58
I eat when I'm stressed and I eat to relax, my high metabolism makes it impossible to gain :D

Woe, that's awefully rude of your parents :eek:

03-09-08, 07:01
I have to say Shauni, you need to remind your family whose bloody wedding it is! They've no right to get arsey because it's not when THEY want it. Ugh. Families.

Anyway, on topic, sometimes it's good to take a few hours or even a whole day out and do NOTHING. I know you feel like you've got so much to do that you can't stop, but trust me, if you're rested you can tackle everything with a much clearer head. Lock the doors, turn the PC off, unhook the phone, and chiiiiiiiiill :D :hug:

03-09-08, 07:01
hang with my old buddy,sloth.really one of my negative sides.
besides that i serch info bout some games i'm expecting,hang in the forums or play with my pet :)

03-09-08, 08:25
I have a long warm bath lolz.... it actually works though:p
Just try not to fall asleep...:D

03-09-08, 09:36
Meditation... When I don't have the time for that, I just listen to something calm :) Which is so not me :p

03-09-08, 09:46
My way:

1. Stop worrying about things. Seriously, I don't worry anymore. Even my friends think I'm a freak when I kept a zen-like state during exams.

2. When stress do come (that would be a hell of a stress), I like to wind down by visiting my favourite arcade and play House of The Dead 4. Nothing is more relaxing than shooting a ton of zombies.. :D

03-09-08, 11:23
It depends, well the best way is to take a walk to a place where you only hear the birds, forest for example, really quiet... the silence it's perfect to relax ;):)

03-09-08, 12:04
I either lay in bed and watch a DVD, or I play a custom Tomb Raider level.

Ada the Mental
03-09-08, 12:09
If you're into reading, try that. Sometimes, a good interesting book is all I need to take my mind off thinks. Even if I'm furious I'll forget everything about it and just get sucked into the story.

Or walking. Long, lonely walks are pretty relaxing.

03-09-08, 12:11
I escape into a book for a while or I study...Anything to concentrate on until I forget about what's stressing me out.

If I know its within my control, then I like to question whether the thing I'm stressing out about is really worth stressing over. I know that for me, the answer is usually that its not worth it all.

03-09-08, 12:25
I snuggle up with that special someone :)
And if hes not around, I play TR and make nachos :)
If its something I'm mad about I'll take it out on a punching bag or a hockey ball:)

There are many ways to de-stress try them all till you find out what works for you :)

03-09-08, 12:38
Usually i watch a good movie, or i play some FPS game.
Talking with friend while smoking a cigarette also works for me...

03-09-08, 12:38
I can't relax if the room I'm in is messy, or if there are lights in the other room or the doors are open to the other rooms that I can see from the living room. Distracts me when I want to enjoy a movie or game. So I just go on a cleaning/arranging spree and by then it's already 9 pm, but what they hey.. I get a good few hours of entertainment and I can relax after I know I've done something - cleaned the whole house. I'm a neat freak. :p

I just can't relax if I've left something undone.

03-09-08, 12:48
I start fires and break things!

No, actually I sit in the dark room and read the Good Book....Lord of the rings. :)

03-09-08, 14:44
I find you are extremely exhausted! :eek:

Why don't you have a rest for a moment? Or being away from your work for 2-3 days? That's not good for your health physically and spiritually.

Lee croft
03-09-08, 15:00
when im stressed i take it out on one of my wwe games :D or meditate

03-09-08, 15:01
All I do is inhale then exhale, take deep breaths it helps me to calm down. I try to drink some water too. :)

03-09-08, 15:03
Listen to music
Go out
Talk to friends.
Have a good weekend :)

03-09-08, 18:14
Aww, thanks everyone for your replies and suggestions *hugs* :hug: I'll try as many of those as I can :) I guess I'll start today, I think I'm getting a tad bit sick, probably from all the chaos 'cause I never get sick in the summer.

The hardest thing is to relax when you know you've got so much to do in a limited amount of time. :( But I'll try to unwind :D

Thanks again for your encouragement :hug:

Nitro Typhoon
03-09-08, 18:16
Lol, we were just discussing this topic and question today at school :p

My favourite thing to do is listen to music and relax :)
Whatever makes you happiest.

03-09-08, 18:52
In your case, you should indeed plan everything in the timeframe you have left. And when things are getting to you, either do something very relaxing, like taking a nice bath/watching a movie/listen to some music (just practise your favourite hobby) or do something that drains you like exercise. Exercising really works for me.. or doing something really relaxing like drawing (not that I'm good at it, but it clears my head) or listen to some slow music.

03-09-08, 18:54
Think about what work I have to do and organize it.
Play video games
Watch TV
Hang out with friends
Basically do something fun

03-09-08, 19:08
Take a nice long shower. :D

03-09-08, 19:19
I just started it and doing it once a week really helps to relax, release tension, free the mind and body as well as becoming more flexible and stronger.

03-09-08, 19:44
1. Meditation
2. Laying down or resting


03-09-08, 19:47
playing on my 360, or just talking to people. it always works...

03-09-08, 19:51
I play the piano and improvise...just helps me...

03-09-08, 20:28
I watch a movie, play a game, go for a drive, hang out with a friend, or just have a sleep.

03-09-08, 20:37
I like to play one of the old TR's that I know really well so that I can sort of cruise through it and feel suitably happy about playing!.
Being kind to yourself like having a nice bath ( Lush is great for bath bombs with flowers and glitter in!)
Eat nice things ...and don't beat yourself up over life.

Your wedding.....your day....your life.

03-09-08, 20:39
I like to play one of the old TR's that I know really well so that I can sort of cruise through it and feel suitably happy about playing!.
Being kind to yourself like having a nice bath ( Lush is great for bath bombs with flowers and glitter in!)
Eat nice things ...and don't beat yourself up over life.

Your wedding.....your day....your life.


Seriously, if you're into your smellies, you've got to check it out. They're amazing. I keep a little stash of their bath bombs and bubble bars for when I'm having a really bad day.

03-09-08, 21:05
Everytime i feel all stressed up or just need a time-out I always run the bath till its really deep, light candles set light to an incense stick put some quiet music on and just relax. It really works until you get out and you realise your scorching from the heat ;)

Oooo and I sometimes put Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on, find a banshee, and just drive around the desert really fast with Radio X on :)

03-09-08, 21:13
Most of the time I will listen to music, or watch a movie. Lately I tend to de stress by talking to Jamie on the phone/headset, he helps a lot :o.

03-09-08, 21:34
Taking deep breaths/ meditate

drink tea in silence


03-09-08, 21:36
Watch some tv, go for a long walk. I'm already stressed and tired from school. :(

03-09-08, 22:44
look at the positive things in life *thinks* looking at me, i'd say i don't have many positive things :P

nah. i just photoshop to get my mind off whatever's stressing me.


03-09-08, 23:13
Play CS