View Full Version : MS word problem, urgent help please >.<

Dark Lugia 2
03-09-08, 18:43
Sorry for making a thread like this in GC, but its urgent :o you know in MS word, when after a while it suddenly starts to go down 2 lines when you press enter instead of 1? (happens at school and home for me) how do you stop it please? :o thanks in advance!

03-09-08, 18:45
What MS word version are you using?

03-09-08, 18:49
Either press SHIFT+ENTER each time, or to set it permanently go to Format > Paragraph and set the spacing before and after to 0pt and choose 'Single' under line spacing.

Dark Lugia 2
03-09-08, 18:54
Thank you so much! :D thanks for taking the time to read this stranger ^_^