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04-09-08, 13:50
I decided to post this topic because it would be interesting to hear from other people what their most missed childhood memory is!

Doesn't matter if you have more than one, I do: :)

-Listening to The Beatles with my dad.

-My mum picking me up from primary school and buying me my favourite sweets, laces =D
(candy sticks)


04-09-08, 13:58
Waking up every Saturday morning to go for piano classes. I miss that very much.
Crawling into my parents' bed at night for a cuddle.
Cradling my youngest sis. She's too big right now hahaha
Lying on the grass in my garden & looking up to the sky.
Running around & jumping into puddles in my garden during the rain.
Listening to the Carpenters & ABBA music.

04-09-08, 14:12
good old times when i was 4th grade,by best friend still hasn't moved to russia yet.it was summer.my other best friend from Blagoevgrad (a bulgarian town far away from mine) was here too,we used to go a couple of blocks down to meet the guys over there about 7pm when soon it was going to get dark.and we all gathered laughing,tellin different stories,playing games.all the people were 4 years older than me but accepted me oh so well :) i miss the time when we all got home before going out to dress.me and my fr always were ready at the same time waiting for the third,she was always so slow :) but we loved that.3rd,4th and 5th grades summers were the last when she was still living here :) how i miss them :(
now the tears are in my eyes,remembering when i used to just walk out of the door,go one floor below and ring on the doorbell.i loved that bell.then July used to answer and i went in.all the days we were together.and now.......i'll be lucky if she comes from russia in the summmer for a week!
Oh,July,i miss you so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04-09-08, 14:13
Primary school lunch/breaktimes. I was just thinking about them earlier, weirdly enough. :tmb:

04-09-08, 14:15
Me and my friends hanging round doing something we probs shouldn't have been.
Apart from that, I don't have many.

04-09-08, 14:16
Manhunt at my old neiborhood oh man I miss that :(

04-09-08, 14:20
Not having to actually work for a living was pretty sweet.

Football with my friends on the weekends.

04-09-08, 14:35
I miss running around and playing games at break times.
It used to be alot of fun,
now I have to sutdy rather than chat at Breaks and lunch;)


I used to go home for about 30 mins at lunch...now the school wont alow anyone to go home for Lunch because other people were causing trouble:(- but I wasn't

04-09-08, 14:40
hot chicks from neighbour house :wve:

04-09-08, 14:43
Watching James Bond on Sunday with my dad, waiting for the Roast dinner to be ready.

Infact i cant clearly remember that anymore, but its somthing i wish i could do now.

04-09-08, 14:48
I miss going out for long walks with my dad;)

I used to sit down and chat alot with my mum, but not so much now:(

I also miss playing football with my dad and sister at the park.

My best childhood memory was probably when I was 4 years old went on a plane for the 1st time and went on holiday...
It was amazing:D

Also I used to wait up all night on X mas eve:D

04-09-08, 15:14
Believing in things that I no longer believe in because I have found out from life's experience that they sadly don't exist. General innocence and things like that.

04-09-08, 15:34
Days where I could see my real dad more often, I hate my stupid Step-Dad, I just hate him, hes terrible. :(

04-09-08, 16:52
Just being with my Dad.....:(
(He ain't dead BTW lol.... but he doesn't act like a father should now):o

I'll never forget when he lied to me and my mum,and took my step-mum to Vegas....:(

04-09-08, 17:09
Just being with my Dad.....:(
(He ain't dead BTW lol.... but he doesn't act like a father should now):o

I'll never forget when he lied to me and my mum,and took my step-mum to Vegas....:(

Id wait till your 50 before holding it against him, somtimes its not easy to understand what went on until one parent is dead, or your doing the exact same thing. Not that it sounds very good the way you said it!

04-09-08, 17:14
Honestly, I don't miss my childhood that much. :o Maybe the first decade when I didn't know of my parents' financial troubles and didn't hate school and would just play outside all day and the worst I had to deal with was picking up my Barbies and I'd always play Sonic on the Genesis on Friday nights, but after about 10 or 11, everything sucked. :p

Hell, I much prefer work to school and I much prefer independence and its responsibility to dependence and its security.

Mad Tony
04-09-08, 17:18
I miss the weekends I used to spend with my dad when I was about 5. It was just me and him. He's in Australia now, so I obviously don't see him very often. He still cares about me and we still keep in contact. It's just hard to maintain a father and son relationship when we're thousands of miles apart.

04-09-08, 17:19
Having loads of free time at Primary school. Oh and getting covered in paint in playschool ( finger painting stayed with me for my life so far)

Lee croft
04-09-08, 19:06
primeary school and the fact that in primary school you you could be friends with people and not be put into groups

04-09-08, 19:24
Having loads of friends from the neighbourhood and going out to their summer cottages, going out cycling/walking with my parents to the beach, making a huge snow slide with my dad on our yard, no internet - no ps era (when I would actually spend the whole day out), christmass time with parents.

More than one, but I'm trying to think of the good times instead of the bad times.

04-09-08, 22:35
Summer Vacation seeming to last forever.

Anything and Everything a child does. (for fun)

edit: Not worrying about girls, looks, rejection and heartbreak.

04-09-08, 23:24
I miss believing that my parents were perfect.

04-09-08, 23:28
i miss saturday morning cartoons.
and 5th grade.
field day.
being certain that my elders could do no wrong.
enjoying the simple things.
the lack of difficult work.

04-09-08, 23:34
every time i get to spend time wit my extended family.. uh every time i went on vacation, my 4th grade teacher, ... uhh most of my friends from middle school. etc, etc



04-09-08, 23:48
I miss those old children cartoons like Angelina Anaconda on YTV. :o

Melonie Tomb Raider
04-09-08, 23:57
I miss my young teen years a lot, especially in the summer when I didn't work or have school, I played video games with my brothers for hours and hours, each and every day. Those were the days. :D

Not As We
05-09-08, 00:04
I miss the time when the Spice Girls were relevant,
It would be scorching hot all day long and I'd spend the whole day playing out coming in covered from head to toe in dirt, I miss running in the house asking for money when the Ice Cream man came,
I miss SmTv:Live, when it was Ant, Dec and Cat,

I miss my innocence, when I was green, before we're exposed to the world and it's twisted ways

but above all else, I miss Jodie, my best friend as a child,
sadly she passed away when she was only 6 years old,
she had brain damage and slipped into a coma,
sadly she never came back out of it


Feather Duster
05-09-08, 01:08
Not going to school for the first six years of my life. I was always wishing to go to school, I wanted to have friends, but the first year I went I had two bullies, the girls were saying they were 'rich' and always ignored me or hated being my partner or something. One even said that my grapes were made of deer hooves.

But, in second grade, I went to a different school, uhh Ironwood Elementry, they're motto was that ' Treat others the way you want to be treated. ' And that worked out great, because my very last week of first grade there, this girl wanted to be my friend, she hung out with me, sat next to me at lunch, and now today, at 18 years-old both, we're still friends. The other kids didn't make fun of me or laugh at me, they just, ignored me, well, like " I have my friends " type.

So, Orangewood~ Total fail at politeness

Ironwood~ Best ever

Orangewood was so bad, I longed for my parents, I had seperation anxiety.

If the question was, " What going to be funnest part of your life? " I would say opening a tattoo shop with my friend Payton :jmp:

Also, the economy, I miss that. It's crap now.

05-09-08, 01:46
This thread brings tears to my eyes :(:p
Here's a few more of mine-
*Being younger when I had a lot of friends and wasn't as shy as I am now at my old house. Everything was awesome, I had the nieberhood full of friends we all knew everybody and had fun with each other. Now I moved on the other side of town I don't have anybody out here and when I want to visit my old friends it's to far away because of gas or they've gotten new friends :(
*I miss when School was actually fun and enjoyable and we had reccess and things didn't matter like, Looks, Label, etc.
*I miss having a better relationship with my parents, its sad now the only time where talking is when where fighting.
*I miss being really close to my brother and building tents. He still lives at our house but I barely see him and our once close relationship is gone and where like complete strangers.
*I miss enjoying things more than i do now
*I miss being little and sneaking out of my room with my dog[Died a while ago] we'd play a bit of TR1 together..well you know what I mean and then eat a snack.
*I miss enjoying life...

Sam The Man
05-09-08, 02:27
*Being younger when I had a lot of friends and wasn't as shy as I am now at my old house. Everything was awesome, I had the nieberhood full of friends we all knew everybody and had fun with each other.

*I miss enjoying things more than i do now

*I miss enjoying life...

Likewise on those exact 3. But id have to add:

*playing football at lunchtimes with my mates in the early to mid 90's arguing over who was Cantona and who was Andy Cole whilst others argued over who was Ian Wright and who was Alan Shearer.
sprinting after the ball ( tennis ball ) bickering, screaming and swearing at each other just like the boys do in SOUTH PARK at times.

*playing Sonic The Hedgehog 2 in 2 player split screen with my sis and at times my mates.

*going away camping with my mate during the school holidays to some campsite with not a care in the world.

*visiting the arcades in the early to mid 90s and being blown away by visions of the future (Street Fighter 2, Killer Instinct, Daytona USA, Ridge Racer and the dawn of the 32bit era where TRUE 3D arrived and of course my discovery of TOMB RAIDER.

05-09-08, 02:39
I miss my young teen years a lot, especially in the summer when I didn't work or have school, I played video games with my brothers for hours and hours, each and every day. Those were the days. :D

I miss guilt-free laziness, too! :o

06-09-08, 02:11
My best memory of childhood was Playing video games on sega genesis like beavis and butthead preschool/elementary school playing playstation for the first time it was 10 years ago playing TR classics 1-6 being with Josette , Matt , Greg and Ron longstreet having fun Beacon community center field trips to amusement parks like great escape lake compounce, rye playland etc.

06-09-08, 02:12
Being immature. :p (Still, I can do this when I want.. but guilt sucks. :p)

06-09-08, 03:13
-Playing Tomb Raider 1-5 with my dad.(while I hid from the scary monsters!)
-Getting up early to play PS and watch Saved By The Bell.
-Not having to worry about anything except Barbie`s hair.
-Eating all the candy I wanted and lose weight.
-Playing on the weird bar-like gym thing that was about 15 feet tall.
-Watching all the classic Nick shows like Kablam! and All That!
-Spending the summer at Grandma`s house and stuffing face full of sweets.

So yeah, a lot more but that is the basics.