View Full Version : Warmonger - Free !

04-09-08, 16:13
This is a pretty cool game I downloaded. It's offered for free.

I think it's build off the Unreal Tournament engine and it's kinda the same but it has better graphics. I think the maps are larger too.

It's an nVidia promo game, but heck, it's good and free.

It also has multiplayer (yay).
And most of the map is destroyable
Look a this vid :


Who's up for a match ? :D
(I've requested a clan in the thread )

*I'll add some screenshots from the site*

04-09-08, 16:49
interesting.....does that mean you need an nvidia 8 series graphic card or above to play it though?

04-09-08, 16:59
Looks good. :D Although I'm unsure my graphics card will be able to handle it. Can you reduce the graphics by much?

04-09-08, 17:03
I looked at specs I'm screwed can't play it... Technically anyway...

I could do some bad stuff to get it to work, but then I've already messed up my laptop so I'm wary to do anything dodgey to the desktop...

Could anyone who's actually running the game post their specs please?

04-09-08, 17:34
I have :
8800GT 1024 MB
2.66 Ghz Intel Core Duo
4 GB Ram

Runs all on max.

Yeah, you can set the graphics to lower the UT2004, I think :p