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Jin Uzuki
06-09-08, 02:40


On the eve of Google's 10th anniversary, the internet giant has launched a new service which yet again promises to revolutionise our online lives. Having already conquered search engines, this time around Google has its sights set on web browsing, with the launch of its new super- smart browser called Chrome.

It's a move guaranteed to shake up the long-standing war between existing browser heavyweights such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla's Firefox and the smaller but well-thought-of Safari from Apple.

Microsoft's browser currently dominates the market with 73 per cent of people using its Internet Explorer to surf the web. So what can Google offer to tempt us away from Bill Gates?
Full story here (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1051633/Google-celebrates-birthday-launching-new-Chrome-broswer-rival-Microsoft-Firefox.html).

One thing that caught my attention was being able to have your own "disk space" on your browser, so you'll never ever have to lose a file.

tlr online
06-09-08, 02:41
Firefox all the way. I'll never go back to I.E.

Jin Uzuki
06-09-08, 02:42
Firefox all the way. I'll never go back to I.E.
No chance of giving Chrome a try then?

06-09-08, 02:46
Safari (Mac default browser) is still better than all of them! :ton:

But sometimes if forced to use a windows computer, I use firefox and would never change!

06-09-08, 04:24
I shift between Safari and Firefox, but Firefox's WOT add on is quite useful. I would like to try chrome but unfortunately its only for Windows at the moment.

06-09-08, 05:26
FFFTW (firefox for the win)

IE=not great security. who in the hell wrote that?!?
gobble crome... looks like dookie and apparently just wants to be like FF since its base on them. stick with the source!!

lets see about the "cons" of FF..
1. FF sidebar.. who even uses that piece of crap on ANY browser? I don't, so WTF who cares?
2. no default button to create new tab.. who needs one? just right click the tab and choose "create new tab" or double click the tab bar.
3. loads slower than other browsers... true to that point. BUT it is more stable than IE by far and IF it crashes, it will restore your previous session for you. wonder if gobble crome does that? I know IE doesnt.

Pros of IE..
1. easy access to web content.. hrmm well lets see here. ALL Browsers have THAT. except for those sites where the dumbarses who made it didn't think to cater to people who use a REAL browser.
2. comes preinstalled on all machines from blah blah manufacturers.... Humdidledum.. actually it comes preinstalled on all WINDOWS installations since it is MS product. Their statement is flawed in that those "top five" manufacturers are starting to sell PC's with Linux on them (which does NOT have IE on it)... and how can you call that a pro any how?
3. excellent security... i think i already addressed that one didn't i. if it was so secure it wouldn't need to be patched all the time.:ohn:

all i can say about google's browser is that... well.. its google. i loath any google software on my PC and instantly delete the google toolbar that anything i install adds to my browser without asking me. ( i even do it to other peoples machines too:mis:)

06-09-08, 05:46
Chrome couldn't handle even T-Mobile's simple site, so it already looks less attractive to me...I'll give it a bit more time, but methinks the fox is where its at.

06-09-08, 08:05
No default tab button ? There are 4 !
File --> New Tab

Pressing "Ctrl" and "T"

Or when you're on a link usng the middle mouse button and it automatically opens in a tab

Right-clicking a link and "Open in new tab".

I agree with spikejones;


06-09-08, 08:08
You can also just double click in the space where tabs go and a new tab appears. :D

06-09-08, 12:46
Looks a lot like opera if you ask me..... :whi:

06-09-08, 12:46
Hmm, well I like Google Chrome so far. I just downloaded and I havent had any issues. It was a little tricky to figure out how to set the homepage, but I found it nevertheless. I like how it doesnt remember web info, which saves time from going into CCleaner and flushing everything out. I like how simple it is, and it suggested TRF the first few letters I put in, so I give it an 8/10.

06-09-08, 13:01
Google Chrome is not bad. I gave it a try last days, it's even pretty good.

But fofox will aways be my fav. :hug:
Because of it's wonderful customisation ^^

KC Mraz
06-09-08, 13:10
IE8 works wonders for me. I really like it :)

06-09-08, 13:27
I will give Google Chrome a try but I will still stick to Opera :p

06-09-08, 13:37