View Full Version : TRF fonts one size smaller-all other websites fine, no problem-wtf????

06-09-08, 18:26
I downloaded GIMP last night and also installed the software for a brand new BAMBOO tablet.
The tablet software asked me to close out of all programs before installing, and I did--completely.
Afterward, I re-opened all my programs (AOL, firefox, iTunes) and didn't notice it at first but soon realized that something was "off" on TRF--I was having to squint at my screen, like my eyes were blurry--but other sites looked just fine.
I could not for the life of me figure out what it was, but then realized that it was the fonts.
The fonts across the board on TRF have decreased one point size--this is exclusive to TRF, no other websites' fonts have changed.
I attempted to play around with my firefox settings but they only change other sites, and not TRF.

Here are screenshots to help illustrate my problem.

my side-by-side comparison of a normal sized font screenshot from approximately a week ago and my current small-font status:

and here is a screenshot Quasimodo took to illustrate that everything looks normal on her end (using firefox as well).

I have restarted my computer twice now, still no change.
thank you in advance for any and all help.

Feather Duster
06-09-08, 18:37
Maybe it's the tablet software?

Have you tried IE?

06-09-08, 18:42
hi Lea :wve: :o

I just opened up this thread in both IE and AOL and they are perfect--big, beautiful fonts.


when I look at threads, all member IDs are, erm, un-bold-ed ?
they're not bold anymore.

Feather Duster
06-09-08, 18:47
Well, this is how it looks on mine:



Tinypic reduced the quality BTW

06-09-08, 22:46

i'm the stupidest person--ever.

i figured out what was wrong.

ctrl +

please close this thread.
please feel free to erase it from your memory.