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07-09-08, 13:20
TRNG-Spinning Pick-up.

*This tutorial assumed you know how to place pickup triggers and what OCB’s are needed for picking up items.*

Remember the Meteorite Cavern in Tr3 where there are 4 artefacts spinning around at the ends of the rooms? Its now possible (and very easy to) get this same effect with the TRNG.


You will need:


Set-up a pickup item or something similar (i’m using a puzzle item) on a pedestal if you wish or not it doesn’t matter.

Click on the puzzle piece and place a trigger for it. You must place this trigger where lara will step on it. The safest is where lara starts in your level but it’s up to you. A slope is also an ideal location. You need to trigger the pickup so that it can spin/animate.

Next, on the same place you placed step 2’s trigger place this new TRNG trigger.


What this means that the puzzle piece will trigger and start spinning around on its center. It now looks like tr3 and you can pick it up. However, if you take a look in your inventory then you will notice it has not been added to your inventory. In order to make this item appear you need to do this:

Highlight the puzzle piece and press ‘o’ to bring up the Object Code Bits. Add ‘64’ to your OCB so that your puzzle piece activates a ‘pickup’ trigger. Any trigger placed underneath this trigger we will set will only activate once Lara has picked up her piece. Place the pickup trigger underneath the puzzle piece.

Now, place this new TRNG so that an item gets added to your inventory. This is a technical flaw and needs to be placed or there is no point in trying to get pickups to spin.


And your pickup’s now spin and go into your inventory. There are limits however. You cannot have multiple spinning pickups to activate 1 event (like 5 pickups to activate a door) since the trigger to add the piece to your inventory won’t be activated until all pieces have been acquired.


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Looks to me like this can go straight to the tutorial section! :tmb:

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