View Full Version : Oh no you didn't! (mercs2)

09-09-08, 23:01
So, has anyone seen the Mercs2 advert with the 'oh no' song? Or listened to the full version of it?


I'm currently playing the game, and as such I giggled. A lot.

Anyone, outsiders and mercs fans alike care to voice an opinion?

09-09-08, 23:03
It's on WAY too much, but it's catchy. :D

09-09-08, 23:06
I have the full version! :p

09-09-08, 23:12
I almost coughed up a lung at the mattias-sung version. :p

10-09-08, 00:02

10-09-08, 02:21
love that song!!! yet to play the game though...

10-09-08, 12:39
Games terrible mate, buggy and glitchy.

10-09-08, 13:08
I've played through about half of it and I can honestly say its been fine, havent had any earth-shattering problems so far: the Russian sniper is held like a pistol and Jens pants temporarily went a funny colour after I boarded an upturned copter but thats it. I'll reserve final judgement till the end of course but as it stands now its about as much as I expected. Simple gameplay but lots of crap to blow up.

Considering it isnt one of the big-budget blockbuster titles like GTA/Gears/Halo etc I'd say its pretty damn good, though like I said, I'll wait till the end to be sure.

10-09-08, 15:29
I have the full version! :p

haha me too! I don't even like the look of the game and will never buy it; but that song! WOOO catchy as anything.