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09-09-08, 23:07
Source (http://kotaku.com/5047613/are-games-teaching-kids-the-scientific-method)

A few years ago, Constance Steinkuehler -- a game academic at the University of Wisconsin -- was spending 12 hours a day playing Lineage, the online world game. She was, as she puts it, a "siege princess," running 150-person raids on hellishly difficult bosses. Most of her guild members were teenage boys.

But they were pretty good at figuring out how to defeat the bosses. One day she found out why. A group of them were building Excel spreadsheets into which they'd dump all the information they'd gathered about how each boss behaved: What potions affected it, what attacks it would use, with what damage, and when. Then they'd develop a mathematical model to explain how the boss worked -- and to predict how to beat it.

Often, the first model wouldn't work very well, so the group would argue about how to strengthen it. Some would offer up new data they'd collected, and suggest tweaks to the model. "They'd be sitting around arguing about what model was the best, which was most predictive," Steinkuehler recalls.

That's when it hit her: The kids were practicing science.

I'll put my hand up and say I've done stuff like this. Have any members here did something similar to what the teenage boys were doing? :)

09-09-08, 23:12
:vlol:So cool!:D
I played Lineage II,it's fun.I was DarkHo,but I never did any of this stuff.:p:)

09-09-08, 23:17
When playing games like FF your brains will eventually being adjusted to figure out how to defeat complicated bosses.
Looks like practicing science too.

09-09-08, 23:18
I'm not big on MMOs, but yes. I've done a bit of analysis in games in my time. Not in Excel mind, but in my mind.